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  • I am partially paralyzed and poor so attending for me is unlikely but I would love to be at each one.

  • from here on out there will not be an election never in America and ladies and Gentlemen welcome to a socialist-communist nation.

  • It is a problem when we can't get organized to rally in front of each state capitol, when we have naysayers who tell us we need more advanced notice, who question the motivation and purpose behind it all. In the meantime the commies are out in the streets all over the United States to celebrate the rigged election. It looks like they own the country and they love their country, neither one of which is true. Fox reported on it and also showed a few Trump supporters in front of Atlanta's capitol. It was a sad comparison and does not reflect the tremendous support and love Trump gets from a large majority of Americans. I'm disappointed that we on this website can't even get behind a rally on a Saturday and that we have all kinds of excuses: not enough notice (how much notice do you think the commies had?), too far, too poor, too old, too young, too busy,...... Is this what we are? Are we that washed up? Are we stuck with our anger and fears even after Trump made America great again for four years with tremendous accomplishments? How will things change if we can't even put a little action behind our words? I'm disappointed to say the least, and I'm angry that the commies win the vote in the streets again. 

  • I have relatives that were envolved in the " Lincoln County Cattle War" in New Mexico, One of the few who actually went to jail when it was all over. It was retold to me  of their envolvment of the 'Vigelantie"  hanging of a Federal Judge that went unsolved,,,here we go again.

  • I see some nuanced post struggle anecdotes  are in full effect.

    Is a point being missed? 

    Peaceful resolution is over.

    Globalist media shills like Yahoo News are already squealing how the new covid, "Is like a Slaughter" with hundreds of thousends of cases listed as concrete proof. "Doctor" Gates twitches with excitement to employ mandated substances he would inject to alter what all of us are to become; GMOs.

    The crippling economic sham lockdown is still in effect, although despised. Universal Guarranteed Income shackles, with its twin 24/7 tracking social credit system are rattling our way now.

    Our traitorous, seditionist leadership is nervous lacking an election finale, but still at liberty and in plain view. Why shouldn't they be. The quarry senses its own danger.

    Without complacent general obedience, civil war looms.

    The three-time Nobel Prize elected President must bear responsibility for squandering the chances to peacefully secure our self-preservation.

    Free speech is now a past tense idea for some, soon to be for all.

    Globalists and their useful idiots, terrified of being shot dead for their past and intended crimes, will almost certainly impose martial law  (something Trump is timid about but still can do)  to collect weapons or any means of defense. People will begin waging war against each other. Will an outside threat come unnoticed?

    The accumulated frightening dictatorial powers concentrated in the Chief Executive may now be turned on us by a maniac. Trump did not complete his tasks and dismantle them.

    Like his positive accomplishments, Trump owns these tragically unnessesary nightmares too.

    But, unlike synthesized and compromised leaders, Trumps followers are not wistfully resigned to him, or his intended fate. Trump for his faults, did not sellout his or our core values in quid pro quo. He is real. We should be the same. The ability to serve as Chief Executive cleanly is almost impossible.

    Along with current setbacks, we have yet to drag the Technocrat Oligarchs before humanities bar of justice.

    These few people who made the business of government impossible without behind the scenes intrigue cannot just be locked up with everyone living happily ever after. Not anymore than Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Ceauescu, or Pol Pot could be.

    This is life and death. The determined threat to everyone but the few madmen is universal.

    Good luck to all who join the protest today!

    • Know your ENEMY... it isn't the common man on the street, it isn't the Black, Red, Yellow or Whiteman, it is the political class and their allies that have brought us to this point in time. If there is to be civil war wage it upon your enemies ... not your neighbor or fellow workers... not those who have faithfully worked all their lives to support our Constitution and its Republican form of government.

      Separate friend from foe... know your enemy, it is the progressive, pragmatist, and political hack, whose only thought is to feed their own belly and that of their kind. Those evil men and women, who would deceitfully use their neighbor to advance their own cause, whose entire existence has been one of self-promotion.. they are the common enemy of the People.  The opportunist, Marxist, pragmatist, and Globalist, and professional politician have sold out America for a seat of power in the New World Order.

      Know your enemy and target them for your wrath... not your neighbor or the misguided poor and minority, used by the politically corrupt to usurp the power and consent of the common man. Instead, turn these misguided souls around, expose the lies of their masters and benefactors for what they are... traitors, broken cisterns, filled with corruption. Encourage the misguided to re-think the path they have chosen and if they will not turn from it... mark them out for the wrath of the righteous judge... who will judge the foolish with their wicked masters.

      Know your enemy and mark them well... For the seek anonymity among the people.  They speak with the twisted metaphor, promising what they have no intention of delivering.  These evil men and women seek their own ends and are prepared to reach their goals by any means necessary.  Be not deceived by their feigned service, as they are corrupt, incapable of honorable service to our nation. It is the corrupt pettifogger who seeks to fundamentally transform our heritage, to engage a new world order... whether the people consent or not.

      Thomas Jefferson warned: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”  It is the essence of man's struggle, that after suffering many abuses, and patiently enduring the tyrant's whip, that they cast off the chains of oppression; too, take their rightful place as the sovereigns of their destiny. Know this:  those who oppose the right of the people, to be sovereign are the enemies of liberty. The CONSENT of the People to be governed is the cornerstone of liberty.  It is the tyrant that opposes the sovereignty of the People who must be marked for removal from government power.

      Mark well the enemy of the People's sovereignty... for they would soon bring a Nation to heal and a People to chains...

    • You might want to reconsider one word in your last sentence.   .....for they would soon bring a Nation to HEEL and a People to chains.... I believe you mean heel rather than heal as that totally changes the meaning of the sentence.   Spelling sometimes does matter.

    • the Enemy is the Devil himself.


    • Michael, you might be right that, "The accumulated frightening dictatorial powers concentrated in the Chief Executive may now be turned on us by a maniac." Trump expanded the reach & legal status of the presidency, he expanded the reach of the federal government to record levels of economic activity. Someone else is going to step in and will use all of this shamelessly. The fake news will continue to lie with impunity because Trump failed to shut them down and take control of the truth. This is going to bite us now, and it will erode our freedom and liberties. But I'm still holding out hope that the greatest president in my lifetime has something up his sleeve and will turn it all around. I dread to think what else would happen if he did not do that. Think about all the pending lawsuits against him. The deep state might come after him and destroy him and his family. 

  • Sadly.The Communists that just overthrew our country will just ridicule us for it. It's over. Our country was stolen without a shot!!!

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