• They didn't bully or intimidate me into silence, I was deplatformed by the satanic left!!!!!  I was permanently banned from facebook in October 2019 and quit using twitter at the same time because they censored me and I wouldn't tolerate censorship!!!!!!!!!!

  • The satanic left is unhinged because theyb are satanists and satan loses in the end!!!!!  They see it coming as We the People refuse to bow and they can't deny the opposition any more because We the People are becoming more vocal and more visible thanks to sites like this that they can't stop!!!!!!!!!!

  •  Their more trouble then their worth . Deport ,Deport Deport them !   They want "free Stuff" so give them a free one way ticket out of here .

    • Absolutely, everyone who hates America should have to give up their US Citizenship and be deported to their favorite socialist/fascist/marxist/communist country!

    • I agree 1000% with the both of you.  Throw them OUT!

  • Behavior psychology really works on weak snowflake minds, I'll tell you!

  • I didn't even see a fire hydrant!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I hope this  loser SKA** Rots in the depths of the pits!

  • Wow! I wonder how this nutcase really feels. It’s sad how these Marxist crazies have more freedom than legal American citizens.  We need to kick these Marxist Socialist crazies out of Washington and take our capital back. Simply, if you do not support the US Constitution, you will be expelled from this great country. 

  • These are not the actions of a sane person.

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