• Robert, Study the History and Times of P. T. Barnam. The same man who coined the phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • To those who control the flow of the crowds, it comes with the price of the ticket. P.T. Barnam's First Entertainment Museum beginning at the Entrance had a small sign "This Way To The Egress". As people advanced looking at the exhibits the "Signs" grew larger and more colorful. Human Nature being what it is, halfway through the exhibits Hugh Signs "This Way To The Egress" had ticket purchasers almost running to be First to see the "Egress". Coming to a door marked " Egress" they would open, go through, and find themselves on the Street/Sidewalk. The people of the World have gotten so hung up in the rush to comply with the "Hype of the Covid" they failed to see the loss of all they cast aside which they had prepaid for.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Great info, please site the source, I'd like to learn more. 

  • If true - this doesn't surprise me. Where the FDA is concerned money is the bottom line, not medicine safety. Remember Thalidomide?

    • Yes, thank you, what is discovered at some point in the future may prove as regrettable as Thalidomide but with less regard for the health of the people affected. 

  • it,s my opinion that "We The People " have been used like "Lab Rats."  FDA wants to keep the facts under warps for 55years , CDC is no better . What is the truth ????

    • Sounds like a religious question! Lol

      the truth is they are all in it for themselves. Whenever we have difficulty figuring out what is really going on, ask who benefits the most?

    • Spot on, ilona!

  • information that must be shared:


    Dr. Andreas. Noack - Dead 4 days after revealing info about Graphene Hydroxide (razor sharp, stabilized, non-degradable, nano-bioweapon) from graphene oxide
    The Curious Case of Dr. Andreas Noack
    Doctor dead 4 days after claiming graphene hydroxide inside vaccines.
  • Someone please provide the statistics and sources so we can pass them on. Thank you.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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