Steven Crowder: Missing former Clinton staffer voted from a fake address in  Nevada in 2020 — and someone tried to cover it up - TheBlaze

Conservative comedian and BlazeTV host Steven Crowder claimed Monday that an unknown person or group attempted to engage in a cover-up by altering public records to hide the fact that a former Hillary Clinton staffer — who has allegedly been missing for two years — voted illegally in Nevada during the 2020 election.

What are the details?

Last week, while investigating addresses listed on voter rolls, Crowder's team discovered that Christina Gupana, who is allegedly a Nevada-based attorney who worked for Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, had voted from a highly suspicious address during the presidential election.

Listed on the state's voter rolls alongside Gupana's name was the address 353 West Bonneville Ave., which, as it turns out, is a freeway underpass, not an actual residence.

But, after Crowder aired a show detailing the dozens of allegedly fake voter addresses — Gupana's included — fact-checkers searched public records and found that Gupana's address listed on voter rolls was actually 353 East Bonneville Ave., which is an apartment complex.

So it was a simple mistake made by Crowder's team, right? Not quite. During a subsequent review of their own investigative work, Crowder's team reportedly discovered that they had not made a mistake. Rather, someone had altered the public records shortly after the show aired on Tuesday night, a suspicious action given the fact that Clark County typically updates data files on Mondays.

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  • The law that rests in man alone is most miserable... having no depth of Spirit it suffers from the corruption of the flesh. But the law of God is eternal, being Spiritual it is not subject to the corruption of the flesh. Mankind suffers under his own hand from the deeds of his flesh.  The deeds of men are replete with such accounts for all the world suffers under the hand of man and sin.  Stolen elections are but a symptom of the fallen state of mankind.  In this life we suffer from sin and its wage... the fruit of which is now present in our land... as it sits in its most hallowed offices. 

  • Has she been charged at this time?  I hope she does time in prison for this!

  • What is it with these "low rent" dems? They had rather climb a friggin' tree that tell the truth about ANYTHING!!

  • No Surprised Here.

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