• How do spell "complete ASSHOLE?!!!!

  • They want what they want and the PEOPLE have NEVER mattered to them.They are not only Socialists, they are SocioPATHS.

  • Democrats ALWAYS punish OR threaten the PEOPLE if we don't submit to them. Make us suffer,right Nancy?..........There will be NO MORE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY for all intents and purpose come Tuesday.

  • Instead of Nancy, America would be better off with any ONE of the DOZENS of homeless druggies pooping, peeing, and shooting up near Nancy's fine San Francisco home.

    Couldn't be any worse!!!

    • Actually,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it's a vineyard in Sonoma co. 

    • She may have that, too, but there is at least ONE fenced and gated mansion in town.

    • She does NOT live in the district that she 'represents'! She is a typ[ical elitist, who thinks SHE knows what is best for everyone ELSE! Unless she gets everything she wants, the rest of us can all just go to hell! Is there any wonder why people are asking just WHO she is working for? I say, WHY is ANYONE still re-electing her, year after year, decade after decade?

  • Pelosi needs to be put on a mentally hospital she don't know what the hell she is saying 

  • Shut the hell up[ you arrogant bi7ch ! You are the perfect example why Women should not be allowed in our Government!! Crawl off and die in your poorly run California State somewhere, They deserve the polution you will cause!!

    • Correction!! Nancy Piglosi is a perfect example of why communist should NOT be allowed in our Government!!

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