• "You Can't Touch This!"  (MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This (Official Music Video) - YouTube)

  •     Free World Manifesto

  • Read : The Free World Manifesto  ....       Tells how to fight back.

  • George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other wealthy and elites. The same type of scum that had JFK assassinated. And, you can take this to the bank!!!!

  • --  Been fighting this battle for the last 50+ years! In the 1980's the NWO put IRS special agents and regular agents on me 24/7 for 2 years!!! When they finally stopped (which you don't realize for 2 or 3 months), I walked into the local IRS office and they LITERALLY RAN SCARED AND WOULDN'T EVEN COME OUT OF THEIR LITTLE office HIDE OUTS!  They are truly evil and they did break me, destroyed my business and my marriage. Then I healed up, and started again!!! I shall never quit! BUT WE ARE WAY PAST DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT, THE COUNTRY HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER! I WAS STOLEN IN THE LAST ELECTION, PERIOD!!! The NWO organization has been doing this for decades in other countries and continents.  THEY ARE GOOD AT IT!  So good, that several times I would have changed sides, just to be on the winning side for a few years, but my respect and admiration for the Constitution of the USA is immense.  One point I'd like to make, it looks like people are FINALLY starting to wake up!!!!!!!!

  • Ain't gonna break me

  • They have not broken me.

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