• Defund the FBI.

  • President Trump should announce his presidential run and put the FBI Biden and everyone else make sure nothing will happen to him and his family because We the People know how far they will go to stop him 

  • Bannon is right on!!!

  • While the progressive left "little people" are cheering what they don't realize is the fact that: It's easy to be a Communist in a free country, but impossible to be Free in a Communist one! They had better quickly reevaluate what they are wishing for!

  • We the people will win this war. We will end up with a patriotic leader who will erase the cancer of liberalism from the USA, who will drain the swamp, who will shut down the fake news, who will assume total authority over the country. This is the only way we can save this Republic, the Constitution, our freedom and liberties.

  • Biden and the FBI no different than Hitler and the Gestapo they must be stopped 

  • Bannon is exactly right!  They won't stop until one way or another they can march President Trump into prison, even if it means planting lots of evidence!

  • Hitler devilcrats/ Biden are truly possessed  by satan  our lord God  will take care of these devils. 

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