Why was Jane Fonda never tried for treason even after she visited North  Vietnam and said that American POWs could be tried and executed by the  North Vietnamese as war criminals? -

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller said on Wednesday that Jane Fonda committed treason by traveling to Vietnam in the 1970s to protest against the US government and the then ongoing war.  

Fonda, now 83, is a lifelong activist who most recently protested the Keystone pipeline that Joe Biden has now blocked by revoking the permit on it. 

In the 1972, she flew to Vietnam, spoke to their troops and appeared on Vietnamese radio to condemn America's military. 

She even posed next to an anti-aircraft gun that was used to shoot down American planes. 

Her extreme antics earned her the nickname 'Hanoi Jane' among US veterans and troops. 

Miller was on Fox News talking about Fonda's recent calls to stop the plans for pipelines that Trump put in place.  

Fonda, 83, is a relentless activist who has long used her Hollywood platform to talk about political causes 

He brought up her activism against the Vietnam War and it constituted treason.

'What she did in the Vietnam War... people may have forgotten this. She volunteered herself as a tool of North Vietnamese Communist propaganda. She did North Vietnamese propaganda broadcasts on their radio station.

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  • Actually, Hanoi jane posed SITTING ON that Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun; she SHOULD HAVE BEEN arrested and tried for treason the moment she returned to the USA; my opinion of her has NEVER changed and never will.

  • She should have been jailed years ago

  • And she continues to do so.  Jail her, try her and hang her.

  • We don't call her Hanoi Jane for nothing!

    • I pray, it's God's time to bring her, and others like her, to justice.

      so many have gotten away with their crimes for too long!  Time for the proud and dishonest to walk in Shane!

    • Walk in SHAME‼️

  • She should have been charged with being a traitor and hunged.

  • Synagogue of satan, Jew World Order LAP DOG!

    • Your comment does not seem to constructively contribute to the discussion. You sound like you are an AOC Troll trying to undermine the credibility of the Tea Party. Shame o you.

    • Agree

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