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  • Do whatever it takes to stay in office Mr. President

  • My recommendation this morning to President Trump.

    Sent to his 'Contact the White House' page:

    There's only one thing that DemocRats are afraid of ....... Martial Law.
    Suspend Habeas Corpus
    Implement Military Tribunals
    They are NOT going to steal my country (God's covenant nation) right from under our feet.

    (you may contact him also if you like, tell him we're ready - no more dancing around the daisies)

    Contact the White House | The White House
    The fastest way to send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff.
  • We should make a new Party called the Trump Party of America

    • And keep Trump in office forever.  I know it is not possible under our Constitution even though FDR spent 4 terms in office.

    • It was because of FDR that the 22nd Amendment became part of the Constitution in 1947.  But I agree that we would be well served to have Donald Trump as our POTUS for as long as would want to serve.  

    • How about the MAGA party

  • We are the party of President Trump and anyone else who put America first before making himself or others rich.

  • Excellent!  I stand with all of them.

  • Agreed!  Time to not only get rid of the left, but truly clean out the sewer that is DC - ever RINO needs to go!

  • Hell yeah! We are the party of America. We are the party of patriots! We are not descended from weak men! God Bless America! Romney, McCain and their ilk worry more about their stature than the American people!

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