Occam’s Razor Comes to Georgia

Stacey Abrams, the leading Democratic powerbroker in Georgia, published an opinion piece in the Washington Post last week entitled, “Our democracy faced a near-death experience. Here’s how to revive it.”

In the piece, Abrams trashed Donald Trump, of course, and then laid out a list of bills she wanted to see enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden, including the “For the People Act,” the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,” and the “Protect our Democracy Act.”

But wait! There’s more! She also wants statehood for the District of Columbia and “binding self-determination” for Puerto Rico.

As she wrote, “the future of democracy demands it.”  Perhaps she meant, the future of the Democrats demands it. 

We might recall that Abrams was her party’s nominee for governor of the Peach State in 2018; yet even after she lost the election, she refused to concede. At the time, that non-concession made her a figure of fun among Republicans, and yet nowadays she’s having the last laugh. 

Indeed, just on February 12, The New York Times headlined an admiring opinion piece, “Stacey Abrams knows how to turn a red state blue.”  Hundreds of similar headers have been flying across the MSM and the liberal blogosphere in recent weeks; the result, of course, is that Abrams has become a deity for Democrats.  So whatever Abrams does next—most likely, run for governor again in 2022—she will have the big blessing, and the bigger money, from Blue America. 

So what did Abrams do in the last three years to recover and gain all this clout?  She worked hard, that’s what. She made a three-part calculation:

  1. The way to win is to get more votes.
  2. A good way to get more votes is to register more people who are likely to vote for your candidate.
  3. Once you have them registered, get them to vote—in person, by mail, whatever it takes.

These points may seem obvious, even trite, and yet if we step back, we can see that much of contemporary campaigning consists of activities that do not necessarily coincide with getting more votes. Such as? Such as spending money on TV ads or posting on social media. These activities are undeniably a part of campaigning, but they aren’t obviously connected to getting votes and winning elections.

It’s perfectly possible for someone to see an ad on TV or a tweet on Twitter and yet not make a firm decision to vote. We might further consider: Someone watching Sean Hannity on Fox every night will get good ’n’ riled up against liberals, socialists, Deep Statists, etc., but no matter how angry, he or she can only vote once. 

By contrast, if each Hannity fan devoted time to persuading others to vote, that would be more helpful to the conservative cause. For some, Hannity is great entertainment, and yet he’s no kind of turnout machine.

In the meantime, that’s exactly what Abrams has created: a turnout machine. 

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  • Need to primary Kemp and get a populist conservative candidate that will beat abraham and put her on the trash heap to be burned....she is a damned communist

  • Stacey Adams lost the election period

  • the gop TRAITORS are busy getting in closer with satan and the devildemocommiecrats!!!!!!!!!!

  • I see the Pig has her FENTANYL SIGN in her hand in the pic! How many Twins does NASTY P. have, anyway??

  • The vote died. We aren't of by or for the people as a country anymore. 

  • She whip our butts in 2020.  She will do it again if the Republicans sit on those same butts.  

  • Fools... voting is not working, has not worked, will not work, as long as we permit the fraudsters to run our elections... massive voter and election fraud took place and it wasn't the first time it has been used by Democrats...  By 2023 we will not recognize America... The Marxist will have totally transformed it and fireproofed its institutions to the point that the only way to return our Government to its Constitutional roots will be through a CIVIL WAR... 

    Those Republican's ignoring the Election fraud and calls for the government to label the White Population as racists and White supremacists are not just traitors, that need to be removed from office.  No, they and their ilk need to be driven from the public forum.  Anyone, so blind, that they are unable to recognize the Election fraud that took place in the 2020 elections, can not be trusted with the reigns of government... not even as an animal control officer.

    • I am shocked when I hear anybody saying we should vote the problems out of office. As you correctly pointed out, VOTING hasn’t worked for a long time. And it sure as hell didn’t work last November. Our freedom of speech gets nothing. Peaceful protest achieves nothing. Violence is staged ,blamed and foisted on the innocent . Laws are ignored and overturned. Vote? HA HA HA!!!

  • So speaketh, "Black ISIS".

  • Stacey Abrams is a perfect example of everything that's wrong with politics and American freedom.

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