Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams spent weeks spreading misinformation about the state’s new voting reform law, calling it “a redux of Jim Crow in a suit and tie.” Now that her false claims about the bill have resulted in Major League Baseball announcing that it would move its all-star game and draft out of Atlanta, Abrams has released a statement denouncing the decision.

Here’s Abrams full statement on the MLB:

Republicans who passed and defended Senate Bill 2020 did so knowing the economic risks to our state. They prioritized making it harder for people of color to vote over the economic well-being of Georgians.

Like many Georgians, I am disappointed that the MLB is relocating the All-Star game; however, I commend the players, owners and League commissioner for speaking out. I urge others in positions of leadership to do so as well. As I have stated, I respect boycotts, although I don’t want to see Georgia families hurt by lost events and jobs. Georgians targeted by voter suppression will be hurt as opportunities go to other states. We should not abandon the victims of GOP malice and lies – we must stand together.

Georgia Republicans must renounce the terrible damage they have caused to our voting system and the harm they have inflicted on our economy. Our corporate community must get off the sidelines as full partners in this fight, acknowledging that the provisions of SB 2020 do not expand voting rights. They restrict those rights, affecting employees and consumers alike. And leaders must publicly support the voting rights provisions in the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to mitigate the harm being done in Georgia and other states.

As other events, productions and businesses weigh whether to patronize Georgia, I urge those who can to come and speak out, and I urge those who are here to stay and fight, to stay and vote. We need you.

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  •  This 'IT' is has been called Very Educated, but for what I've seen and heard, 'IT' certainly Doesn't prove that to Me in Any Way but 'IT' certainly is a Racist and and Fat and Fugly too. I remember the phone call she had gotten from By-Gone when he was fishing for a Vice-Retard and 'IT' had Totally expected that had 'IT' was going to be asked aboard as By-Gone was Only looking for a "Woman-of-Color to appoint to continue with his Plan of Making White's a Minority, but even within the First few minutes could 'IT' hardly contain 'Itself' from holding back what looked like a SCREAM of "Thank's for Nothing and the National Embarrassment You Damn Old Honkey Racist" and then Hung Up on him.

     And then there was a Scarier idea from someone I Can't recall talking About keeping an eye out for 'IT' possiby being a contender for the 2024 Presidential Election as if this Country even has the possibility of Surviving that long without a Act of God and His Divine Intervention which I Sure Hope there Will be because from I am it Don't be Lookin' like that, God Please Help US or America is Finished for Good this time!!

  • Yep, isn't it somehow gratifying when these looney-tunes have their own policies backfire on them? Divine cosmic justice is always gratifying, ...... but then that won't help the people who voted for her and her socialist colleagues very much, will it? Or maybe it will; to open their eyes to what corrupt grifters these people really are.

  • Only a fool would consider anything that comes out of this witches mouth. I will not support MLB or any dumb company that supports illegal voting. What good is any election if there is no integrity?

  • Why don't you post exactly what is wrong with the bill.  You keep saying the Republican are lying.  Tell us the lies or quit running you lying mouth.  It is people like you that are keeping this country divided.  

  • Hey dumb dumb Abrahms - words have consequences.  Maybe you should have throught before opening your RACUST mouth.  Oh wait - she couldn't think, she doesn't have a brain!

  • Thry politicians can may all the laws about elections they want t make, if you continue to use th same election software, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. Uncle joe stalin sain it is the vote counters that really matter in elections, that miserable human being was right.

  • The Georgia Election Law is the best one in the country now.  Other states should mirror their election laws after the new Georgia law.  Do not listen to the media.  Read the law for yourself and you will see that there is nothing that would keep anyone from voting.  Get real

  • She is trash 

    • 3 DAY OLD "DAUG" STUFF!!!!

This reply was deleted.