• Too bad your mother didn't use it.


    Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams: limitless late-term abortion is “exactly part of my faith”

    She is placing her faith in the wrong one! 


  • Disgusting and a gross abuse of freedom of speech. This is not the woman's choice. This is the embryo's and the fetus' choice. We the people speak for them and defend their right to be born.

  • The commiecrats culture of death is beholden to Planned Slaughterhood because the tax dollars which this genocidal institution receives from OUR TAX DOLLARS gets shoveled into the coffers of the DNC.  That's institutionalizd theft.

  • Is it too late to abort her now????

    • Unfortunately yes.

  • Wonder what "faith" she has.  Maybe the same one that makes a drug dealer (Sharpton) a minister!

  • What fath she is a democratic  person and needs to go .

  • this is like the idolatrous gods in the old testament like baal that would require a child sacrifice

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