• Robert, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!


  • That's how politicis works.  Once they get to congress, or attach themselves to the system, see all the stealing and misappropriation they begin to ask, "Where's my end?"

  • Let her and her squad earn the money the "Old Fashioned Way", by showing up at the Shipping Ports, flopping on their backs, with their mouths taped shut! There's probably a market for Obama's Rosie Little Butt Too!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I agree, let them "spread 'em" for Nazi war criminal george soros and his band of demons!!!!!  Of course they already have done so mentally and spiritually.  They are lost but too stupid and arrogant to see it!!!!!!!!!!


  • What do expect from this Scum Bag Liberal Communist Democrat piece of shit?  Everything for nothing. Get your ass the hell out of the country.

  • Figuers that obummer is behind all of this

  • Whiney bitch, you don't like it them LEAVE the country

  • Perhaps that’s why you learned something of value 

  • Anyone who still believes the de"mock"rat party is in it for the "little guy" has to have worms for a brain. 

    I still wonder how the people in her district can vote for her.


    • Martha, they are welfare slugs and she has conned them into believing they will get more if they vote for her, that is how the devildemocommiecrats operate!!!!!


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