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  • I won't watch this after seeing how it starts in print.  If people can't express themselves without vulgar language I will not listen regardless of whether I might agree with their point or not.  I heard a blip of a "news" report where some leftist freak said the cops "shot an unarmed man for being black".  In the first place he came at them waving a knife, a man with a long record of violently attacking people, not hardly "unarmed".  If he came at me with a knife I would shoot him too.  The left justifies violent criminals while hating police for doing their job.  Like the fools in seattle who derided the cops until their fellow rioters started shooting them then cried for police protection.  They want anarchy but want protection from what they want.  What MORONS!!!!!

  • You have a knife in your hand and approach police officers who have weapons that are going to kill your ass quick....susicide by cop.....either completely stupid or looking to die......he died......

  • She's going to get them killed.

  • She lost any respect I might had for her when she opened her filthy mouth.

  • Clearly, she's trash & has an incredibly foul mouth -- but she has a point.

    • Jim, the only point she has is the one on the top of her empty head.  She is nothing but communist/fascist/socialist TRASH!!!!!

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