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In the wake of massive Southwest Airlines cancelations and disruptions, a whistleblower within the company reached out to PJ Media to confirm that employees, including pilots, gate agents, flight attendants, and others, are fighting back against the mandatory vaccines ordered by the federal government. “It’s a coordinated protest,” said the source, on the condition of anonymity.

The employees have coordinated on social media platforms and are standing up at what they believe is a pivotal moment in America that will determine whether the country remains free or slides into despotism. “We know we can stop this,” the whistleblower said. “And if we don’t do it now, it will be too late. Everyone is very excited!”

Southwest Airlines has denied that there is a “sick-out” and has had the mainstream media running cover for them all week. USA Today put out a strange multi-part tweet listing all the reasons why the sudden shutdown of thousands of flights is anything but a protest. I don’t know when Columbus Day became a “peak holiday” travel day, but I guess it’s the new excuse. (At least they didn’t cite the perfectly clear weather again.)

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  • There is a line from the "Razors Edge", " Isn't it easy to be a wise man on top of a mountain? " All the hub bub about airlines but when One actually thinks about it,"Where is there to go and what is there to see and do when you get there with all this Virus Mess?" How about empty shelves? Gunfire in our streets? Homeless tent cities? Rising prices on everything? More Illegals crossing our borders daily than homesteaders rushing for the Oklahoma Land Grab? All the while observers watch performers exclaiming, "I could have done that, better!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Lech Walesa's Polish Solidarity Movement is a model for reforming government... he used passive-aggressive labor, tax, and social activism to shut down Poland's economy and bring the government to its knees.... this can be repeated with minor modifications in America... IF... IF we can find the leadership to organize and FUND the movement.  It will work and it can be successful without massive violence.

    Trump's America First Organization would be wise to adopt the Polish Solidarity Movements model for reforming government... it is a non-violent people-oriented model... where the public withholds their labor and taxes until the government resigns subject to new open and fair elections. 

    • It all sounds good, but I have very little faith in Trump.  Did you notice how he let Grassley take over his rally in Idaho?  Once again Trump got caught flat footed by Grassley who just showed up and got up on the stage and got tremendous applause from the crowd for his asociation with Trump.  But Grassley was and remains a Mitch McConnell type RINO and Trump failed to denounce him, to deny him the stage.  Lech Walesa's model may be good, but Trump is no Lech Walesa.  And worse.  He's insular and isolated from voices like yours, or mine.  He's all ego and marketing all the time.

  • I pray more airline people do this

    • The entire country needs to do it, a general strike.

  • Someone sent me an email today explaining the reason behind pilot's walk out.  Notified they must take the jab by the end of Nov. or be fired, they are taking all their sick time and vacation time.  Pilots aren't stupid.  One pilot explained 80% of pilots are ex military.  He claims the pilots recognize what's really happening.  They see it for the tyranny it is.  First, it's all the essential workers, nurses, teachers, cops, firemen, pilots etc. and then when they have all of that under control, they will come for everyone else. 
    I seem to remember a Trump slogan.  "They're not really after me; they're after you.  I'm just in the way."  Now the pilots are saying the same thing. 
    And here too is what everyone seems to be missing.  Essential workers sure, but all this hurts the economy, which is exactly what they want.  They're all about breaking America's back.  It's all of a piece, all of it.  Open borders, George Soros anarchy, BLM, ANTIFA, bottleneck the ports, kill the xmas economy, which destroys even more middle class businesses.  Are you following?    This is the hard-line, real-time implementation of Globalism and the new one world order.  I've been citing it chapter and verse for the last 25 years, or so, like a God damned prophet in the wilderness, some crazed John the Baptist and all of it for the last 25, or so.  It's all so obvious.
    Here's what's happened, continues to happen and is really happening, current events in perspective.  They had to step up to remove Trump.  All the media guise and disguise no matter how thin was abandoned.  Clearly, Covid wasn't any series of accidental happenstance.  It's a well planned agenda of manipulation and treason, a regular coup.  When the economic collapse wasn't enough Covid allowed for vote by mail rationales.  Everyone knew fraud was coming, even Trump.  Today everyone knows they stole the election and installed Biden.  Remember how they rigged the Democratic nomination process and put Biden in position?  So surprise, surprise, the demented fool and unpopular Kamala, the easiest of tools are ready waiting in the wings.  
    Now the radical left and progressives are in the saddle.  They have pulled out all the stops, quickened the pace of destroying the middle class, sustituting in government dependence, allowing popular dissent to build.  It's perfect.  Their left-wing base hates America anyway.  The globalists have disguised it all as the fault of ideological driven, mad Democrats, anarchists and communists.  
    Blow back from the Covid lock downs, masks, vax mandates, inflation, unemployment just in time for the midterms, which will be swept by Republicans, meaning the idiot remains in the White House, but RINO, establishment globalists control congress and the budget, the process.  Next comes 2024 where predictably Trump will lead even more Republican RINOs into congress on his coat tails, but of course, he himself will lose when they flip their algorithm.
    Notice how they turned the populist herd without missing a beat, continuing to weaken, if not destroy America?   And the American middle class will dutifully play their part in this newest passion play.  It's all of it just possible that the American middle class is too stupid even to be victims.  They certainly don't appear smart enough to be free, or prosperous either one.  
  • Southwest Airlines should be boycotted by US Citizens this airline is no longer customer or employee-friendly and believes we are all dumb... The main reason they are blaming anything but a walkout is the liability for refunding concealed flights for scheduling problems.. instead of rescheduling the passenger's flight.  Southwest wants to hold onto the revenue from the (WALKOUT) canceled flights... follow the money.

  • All the airlines should be growing a pair.

    • It appears the only pair growing in the airline industry are Stalin and Lenin ... throwing passengers off, canceling flights, and blaming the weather for their non-sense, taking government aid, and treating the public as fools.  The airline pilots union and others know the true story behind delays and the increasing rift between passengers and the airline corporate executives.   

    • EXCUSE ME.   Weren't you saying a couple weeks ago that ALL OF AMERIC A SHOULD GO ON STRIKE.  


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