A legislative proposal in South Dakota’s House of Representatives seeks to give the state’s attorney general the authority to review presidential executive orders and possibly nullify those deemed unconstitutional.

“State Rep. Aaron Aylward (R-Harrisburg) introduced HB 1194, which is described as an act ‘to authorize the review of certain executive orders issued by the President of the United States,'” the Daily Wire reported Monday.

The process starts with a review by the Executive Council of the Legislative Research Board, then a referral from the Council sent to the state attorney general and the governor, according to KELO.

“Once the referral has been made, the attorney general may examine the order to determine whether the state can seek an exemption or declare it unconstitutional,” the report continued:

The proposed bill would also allow the attorney general to block implementation of any order deemed unconstitutional if the order refers to:

  • A pandemic or other public health emergency
  • The regulation of natural resources
  • The regulation of the agricultural industry
  • The regulation of land use
  • The regulation of the financial sector through the imposition of environmental, social, or governance standards
  • The regulation of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms

“This isn’t just a President [Joe] Biden issue but rather an overall executive overreach issue that we’ve been experiencing for a long time,” Aylward said.


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  • The only foreseeable problem will be federal funding for many projects they contribute money to.

    • Don't send any money to the federal government from SD, they will actually be better off.  Almost all none dim states send more money to the feds than they get back.

    • But not spending federal money The Federal Government does not have, and does not add to the Crippling debt being propped up to devestate us in the future.

  • Hah! Go for it!

  • About time... anti-commandeering tactic... retore States RIghts by asserting State soverign authority where the Constitution doesn't prohibit it or reserve it to the Federal GOvernment.

  • Joe Biden SUCK.

  • All Red states should ignore and defy that filthy lying snake Satan Biden. 

    • Brr

      Okay now how do you really feel?!

      I agree wholeheartedly! 



  • Biden is a dictator and need to be stopped.

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