• They won't like the results then but we must do everything we can to stop them now!!!!!!!!!!


    • That isn't enough! These people are ruining lives, destroying childhood, mutilating  them, they aren't mature enough to make these decisions that never should be made! No one ever ended up happier going through this, many commit suicide! This is insanity!

  • I've heard NOTHING about this and I live in SC.  I am so glad I have already raised my children. This is HORRIBLE!  Can't send kids to public schools anymore. 

  • Marxist ideology to eliminate parental guidance and control....part of the new world order, great reset etc...

    • Not even the communists ever done such as this, this is more evil!

    • ilona, correct, this is worse than communist, it is satanic!!!!!!!!!!


    • In communism pedifilia, homosexuality were not acceptable, crime was not acceptable, and the fear you were guilty until YOU proved you were innocent kept people in line. They put great emphasis on strong family values, couples couldn't get a hotel room unless they could show they were eachother. 
      You'll never see this sort of destructive nonsense in communist countries, they don't want and cannot stand/afford this sort of internal uproar, confusion, division.

      This is satanic, it goes against the fiber of every healthy, normal human and if we don't stand against all this, fight to stop it, God will be questioning us and judge us the same as if we were doing it......because we tolerated it, didn't protect the children! 

  • If someone tried doing this to my kids or grandkids, they would be dead!!!

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