• I have been unable to find any evidence that this is actually happening or is planned.  Without some sort identification number or Bill No. I cannot buy into this anymore than I could buy into Trump being in league with the swamp.  It just doesn't compute.

    • Please let us know if you find anything.....Nothing more important than looking for the TRUTH!

  • NOW, how is it possible that kids could get reassignment surgery WITHOUT the parents knowledge? When children live in the household parents see them everyday, they know if their children are acting different. At this point ALL parents should pull their kids out of public schools. 

    • Susan, I agree, this nonsense is not only dangerous, it is satanic!!!!!  Those pushing this evil will find themselves spending eternity in the Lake of Fire!!!!!  Jesus said, "what you do to the least of these you do to Me"!!!!!  In another passage Jesus said that people who lead children astray that it would be better that a millstone was hung around their neck and they be thrown into the sea.  I don't have the exact quote at my fingertips but that is what He said but not an exact quote!!!!!!!!!!


  • Does anyone have an identifying Bill Number for this?  

  • So I have a hypothetical question. 

    If kids are jaxxed up. uo to 72 chemicals or 72 jaxxes, and each of those jaxxes is constructed with one or the other---male or female aborted baby cell line, exactly what happens when boys are jaxxed with female cells and females jaxxed with male cells?

    Then what happens when they are fed gmo food, which is like digesting petroleum products, and fed food from plastic containers, which are again, endocrine (Hormone) disruptors.

    Fragrances are endocrine disruptors. Why do some garbage bags have fragrance? How many detergents have fragrance? What about fabric softener? What else? Mints? Breath fresheners?

    Can anyone see the picture?

    If any cannot---- then please give me an explanation for why the male sperm count is down 30%. Look it up.

    People all need to start connecting the dots. CovID is not the only part of this. 

    Why were there no autistic kids, ADD kids, ADHD kids, in the 50's? Then they mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. 

    My high school had 7,000 students. There was no special ed program. No special ed kids. Unless they were invisible....

    • Everything grown is manipulated so it last longer, can be picked green, tomatoes have salmon DNA to make them more cold resistant.  You don't even know if you are eating meat or vegetable. Everything is genetically engineered, our wheat isn't like the wheat of the Bible and no longer digestible. Don't forget all the weed killers that are in our foods!  Bugs don't have their own enzymes and know what to eat to balance their need, and now they aren't eating what they used to because they know the enzymes are missing, they cannot digest it and it will kill them. Think about this.....we are dumber than a bug...... we eat all that crap and wonder why we have issues. But it's good for medicine, they are busier than ever!

      And don't forget all the people on medications are sharing it all with everyone when they pee and flush, and the water gets recicled. They are able to clean it and make it into drinking water, but they cannot remove the drugs that are in there.
      There was a documentary about our water supply, it was frightening how medicated we are over time without ever taking any drugs. That in itself is enough to screw up anyone's system. 

  • How is the child going to change their gender without their parents knowing it. If the child is change before puberty take place the parents will know if their son developes  breast, or if their daughter has a penis.

    • Mike, by then it will be too late, the damage will have been done!!!!!!!!!!


  • I cannot believe SC would do this.

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