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This past week marked the annual Immigration Coalition’s National Conference. An interesting and revealing line up of partners and sponsors participated in the Oct 22-23 2020 event. But prior to the event these partnerships had LONG AGO formed between Open Societies organizations , government funding and non profits operating as what Capitol dubbed a ” A Billion-Dollar Taxpayer Funded Advocacy Industry” for immigrants and refugees FLOODING INTO AMERICA.

“Welcoming America” is one of the long standing Soros and Open Societies funded organizations gathering partners in the immigration/refugee resettlement industry including evangelicals through the recruiting efforts of World Relief. Now The Southern Baptist Convention’s missions organizations like North American Missions Board/ Send Relief and NAMB’s “Acts 17 Initiative” are poised and sitting pretty in advocating for Islamic Refugees …if only these “advocates” can get President Trump out of the way.

Although in the past the movement for missions organizations to drive immigrant placement and immigration reform  had focused on the growing Spanish populations ,both legal and illegal – the clear focus for funding became the Muslim Refugees after Obama administration’s failed policies launched the so called “Arab Spring” of mass Muslim migration. This displacement, coupled with Faith Based Partnership funds has made “getting in on the action” for ministries a very profitable endeavor.


The Acts 17 Initiative

October 22 2020  · Shared with:Public#Immigration issues & the #refugee crisis are at a tipping point like we’ve never seen in the US. How will you respond? How will you lead others? You can still register to join us with the Immigration Coalition for #TIC2020 that kicks off virtually this evening at: “


As part of the Faith Based Neighborhood Partnerships programs working with Federal grants / tax dollars organizations cannot engage in religious activity including evangelism or “any explicitly religious activity”. Therefore to promote these programs as “missions” or “Gospel Ministry” is FRADULANT ! To engage in such activities with government funded programs is illegal. The government is not investing tax payer dollars for Baptist to proselytize or convert Muslims to Christian faith. Neither are “open borders” sponsors like Soros interested in the Great Commission.

*Two Soros and Open Societies funded organizations are at the top of the SBC effort.

*These organizations are “Welcoming America .org” (W.A.) and “National Immigration Forum”.

*NIF houses the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable on which Baptist Russell Moore works directly with the Obama Foundations Michael Wear for Immigration Reform. (2019 -repeat of Moore and Wear)

(Soros funding at NIF has been denied but is confirmed in this 2009 Document: )

*NIF and Catholic Charities trained Rondell Treviño who is the Founder and Director of The immigration Coalition whose event was held last week showing the Baptist partnerships in Refugee Resettlement.

*Catholic Charities and World Relief (NAE) partner openly with these 2 Open Society orgs.

*These non profits are focused heavily on Muslim Refugee Resettlement in the U. S.

*World Relief and Catholic Charities have taken in Billions since 2008 from government grants.

*By 2011 World Relief became the primary Welcoming America partner of Soros/Open Societies funded organizations to recruit Evangelical involvement with refugees.

* Now World Relief and Southern Baptist North American Missions Board ,DBA Send Relief and Acts 17 Initiative, along with International Missions Board are partnering in Muslim focused Refugee Resettlement in the US. These programs include legal aid with immigration services, a full range of social services, welfare, section 8 housing, education, job placement, health care, and anti discrimination protections.

*The Welcoming America .org Tool Fit calls for Interfaith/ community dialog and even training for rural communities to “welcome people different from themselves. “World Relief and other ministries including the Baptist are engaging such dialog in churches.

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  • The "compromise" first took root in certain mainstream denominations in the 1990s. Alarmed by declining membership and empty pews, some misguided congregations sought relief through "marketing." Unwittingly, some wealthier churches even hired research firms for a brand of guidance secularly steeped in New Age thought. Together they collaborated on such neighborhood projects as mail-out surveys with friendly looking Q&A formats asking people what they "want" from a church. They should have been declaring what the church can offer them.

    To say that the results are disturbing would be an understatement. Now pathetically compromised, growing numbers of churches are laboring under weakened resolve, even on the most fundamental and Biblically sanctioned mandates regarding good and evil. The evidential fact of bonding between George Soros and the "church" should surprise no one. Soros marked his prey years ago. Today he's pouncing on us. It was only a matter of time.

    • Well said, John... Let us pray that God's remanent in the Church rallies... too, cull out the leaven in the midst of the Church... a little leaven leavens the whole lump.  Sin and compromise with it lead to more sin,  This leads to a cycle of compromise and eventually to the collapse of sound doctrine and one's faith.

    • Churches sat on their derrieres and took a knee to fear and tyranny. They thpught depriving us of all 1st A rights was ok. The number who lived the Word and refused to bow can be counted in the minority. The book of Daniel should have come to mind. It did not


       I am tempted to say on 1-2 hands but I really do not know

       I know of 4. Churches today. unless they have a supernatural wake-up call, are not worth much.


    • the temperature of the church is very cold that's the reason why we need God to show up in this country and the world.

    • That is the perfect word to describe them. Jeff


  • In other words Revelations unfolding before our eyes....all of these people are traitors to our Republic and should be treated as such! So many blinded fools whose choices now will condemn them for eternity!

    • that is Exactly right my friend

  • Making merchandise of My People and the love of money are driving a wedge between true Evangelical Mission work and the for-profit elements in an apostate Church...  Just because one claims to be a Christian doesn't make them Christian... you shall know them by the love they have for one another and their works.  Many of the old-line denominational Church groups have lost their first love and have become business models for apostate Evangelical Groups... worshiping at the altar of Mammon rather than at the feet of Christ.

    • what's that tells you we are living in the LAST DAYS.

    • So true!!

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