• You might very well be right about November. But I truly wonder if the Republicans who have been spineless and silent will continue this policy or lose their impotence if in majority.

    • It is up to us to make sure they do what is necessary for this country.

    • Laurel, it isn't a lack of spine, it is an abundance of COMPLICITY IN TREASON!!!!!!!!!!


    • I too, wonder if Republicans will finally grow a set of balls and start doing their jobs FOR THE PEOPLE ......

  • I would rather NOT have a line of police in front of my house "securing" my family from domestic terrorists who shouldnt be there to begin with.  

  • It's extremely HARD to watch this VERMIN spin, spin, spin! There IS A FEDERAL LAW about protesting judges etc. that says it's a CRIME to intimidate judges! Where's the doj VERMIN out arresting and jailing these fools???

    • Frank, they are only interested in arresting people like you and I, people who stand up for the Constitution that they hate so much!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 👍👍👍

  • In a lawless society there is no line.

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