• Sir Winston Churchill said it best: "Communism is a philsophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy; its inherant virture is the equal sharing of misery!"

  • This a college educated student in America how sad what they have done to our children

  • The Democrats are the Nazi of America all we are doing is fighting for the same reason our founders did 

  • STUPID!  This is what your college tuition goes for? 

  • Perhaps if it were explained to her that under Socialism everyone is assigned work that best benefits the whole according to the skills they possess in accordance with the "Communal Needs." In other words, she can't cook, clean, make beds, laundry, garden, process, warehouse, deliver, book keep, possess computer skills or answer phones, she must work in the "Whore House" to aid/reward workers in the Society! That and share a Studio Apartment with Ten Families. Just a Basic Course in the Result of the Practical Practice of Socialism.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • He did a great job exposing her complete stupidity

  • If her parents paid for her college they should sue for a refund a refund. If the public school system teaches this crap then we should sue the public school system. 

  • NAZI Germany was a Socialist country.

    • That is a truth, Eric, even though the left in this country continually call the Nazi's right wing. Ugh?

  • To tell you the truth today they don't even know what 911 is all about 


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