Smug NeverTrumps: Happy now?


There has been predictable silence from the vast majority of my Democratic friends on the utter incompetence of the Biden administration.  These are the same people who spent four years obsessively posting and tweeting that the very existence of the Republic was at stake every time Trump issued a "mean tweet." 

While the Afghanistan fiasco is dominating the news, the administration's blunders extend to a number of other spheres — the southern border, which is basically open to anyone; inflation skyrocketing at rates we haven't seen for decades; out-of-control spending; record-high crime in cities thoroughly run by Democrats; bad actors like China and Iran taking advantage of the administration's weakness; etc.  Biden makes Jimmy Carter look good.  I'm genuinely sad for our country.

The terrorist attacks yesterday are beyond tragic but sadly predictable.  That's what happens when 44,000 or so voters in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin impose their preference for "personality over policy" on the nation. 

I sure hope the smug NeverTrumps, "suburban moms," and moderates who voted for Biden are happy now.  Because of them, instead of having a highly competent and successful administration that brought this country unprecedented peace and prosperity, albeit headed by a sometimes crude president, we are left with a bumbling, incompetent idiot.

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  • If anyone thinks the MAGA movement, Save America, or America First movement is going to go away - they have another think coming.  Hopefully people will be smart enough to vote demockrats and Never Trumpers out of office in 2022, 2024 and beyond.  Isn't it more important to have a person who loves and values the American principles and people over over someone is a a mealy mouthed, say anything to get elected and get along? 

    • In the spirit of your comment, we need to identify and expose the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"  all the so called Republicans and Conservatives voting records of those constantly vote against the United States and our beliefs.  The Republicans need to clean house if they ever want me to fund anything e.g. Liz Chenney and 18 others.  Or we as The Tea Party need to rise and take the republicans place at the table.  Let the never Trumpers and Anit-Maga never be heard of again.    

    • I've had Republicans call me for donations, by the time I'm done with them, they're happy to hang up although I don't want them to. I donated to Trump for both presidential runs. NEVER  the Republicans or Democrats. 

    • I was in the Tea Party from its beginning and it is time to bring it back in a big way!!!! 



      Edie, MAGA has not left. It it were, the GOP would be a small town phenomenon by now.

      What has gone is the support base for the entrenched, incestuous, influence peddling

      that lines pockets of those waay beyond a drawn federal salary.9492951274?profile=RESIZE_930xNancy is just running smack dab into that new reality now.

    • I really like the illustrations conveyance.

      Click on the image to see it full size.

    • It's a beautiful painting but so evil looking.

    • You know, at first glance I took it to be an illustration too. At second glance, the knotted cord around the neck is verrrrry consistent for just a detail. I think this is really a photographic study with a fantastic mask. This would be a Halloween hit (particulary if can snort like a pig and wiggle the nose unhanded)!

      Thanks for the view on the pictures evilness. That is exactly what I want conveyed about corrupting greed in government.

    • It could be a real mask.That explains the realism, doesn't it? It looks like something straight from hell. 

    • Porky pig on a 'roid rage?

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