Days after CNN suspended and ultimately fired host Chris Cuomo for journalistic misconduct, former Empire actor and accused hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett took the stand in his own defense on Monday, where he’s accused of lying to police, and testified that CNN race-baiter and late-night host Don Lemon tipped him off to skepticism from Chicago police.

And later that night, when covering the trial, Lemon and correspondent Omar Jimenez omitted Smollett ratting out Lemon on the stand.

According to multiple reports from witnesses inside the Chicago courtroom, Smollett fingered Lemon as a source of inside information. “Smollett testified during investigation he got a text from Don Lemon — saying CPD didn’t believe him,” reported Fox News correspondent Matt Finn on Twitter. Adding: “(smollett [sic] talking fast here before an objection. Not verbatim.)”


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    • Yes, Trump the best president since Reagan. 

    • Once again you have hit the nail on the head.  He is the best president in my lifetime with Reagan a very close second!!!!!


  • Lemon is a lying communist, race-baiting LEMON!

  • Americans need to wake up! These "race baiters" live and promote this white racism industry fueled by the liberal commies

  • Hopefully CNN will fire Lemon too.

    • Wouldn't that be nice?  There are several others that need to be on this list of useless so-called journalists!


  • Lemon probably arranged it. As a news reporter he is a LEMON

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