Days after CNN suspended and ultimately fired host Chris Cuomo for journalistic misconduct, former Empire actor and accused hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett took the stand in his own defense on Monday, where he’s accused of lying to police, and testified that CNN race-baiter and late-night host Don Lemon tipped him off to skepticism from Chicago police.

And later that night, when covering the trial, Lemon and correspondent Omar Jimenez omitted Smollett ratting out Lemon on the stand.

According to multiple reports from witnesses inside the Chicago courtroom, Smollett fingered Lemon as a source of inside information. “Smollett testified during investigation he got a text from Don Lemon — saying CPD didn’t believe him,” reported Fox News correspondent Matt Finn on Twitter. Adding: “(smollett [sic] talking fast here before an objection. Not verbatim.)”


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  • Everyone with any sense knows "Smollett is a liar ! "and he belong in jail !!!   His lies could have led to a riot and possibly some innocent person losing their life ! He's a disgusting piece of crap !!!

    • Yeah he's an Affirmative Action spoiled brat, black and queer as a three dollar bill.  All that makes him feel entittled and embittered.  I'd love to meet him in a  man's world.

    • Look at Obama, Joe Biden kamala Harris has told lies and they build their political world into a lie and where we are at right now they are free in fact they run this country that is sad.

  • CNN is falling apart, what goes around, comes back around. Fire Don Lemon too! 

    • It's coming.  John Malone just bought it signaling changes will be coming over at CNN and all this before the Fredo scandal broke.  Clowns like Zucker and Lemon are on theway out.

    • I hope they are and the rest of the media like  Fox News, CNBC, 

    • That's probably what's next.  I hope it is anyway.  Then Stelter!!  Zucker needs to revamp the entire network, policy, platform and personel if he wants to survive.

  • Don Leamon and Smollett both Perverted humans... they all stick together.

    • Both are black and as queer as a 3 dollar bill.

    • Both òf them are gay and the whole idea is this they want people to except their sexual orientation to be free and open and that's the way they want to act in public and in the court room that's to me is delusional in it self.

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