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    • AGREE! Majority of politicians are/were lawyers. They are all corrupt. End the BS!

    • The use of profanity as a substitute for a poor vocabulary is not recommended if one really wants to win the hearts and minds of our neighbors in our fight to preserve constitutional freedoms and responsiblities. Having said that, I agree with your premise that lawyers (those who practice law only for financial gain and regardless of ethical and moral considerations) are a serious problem in our body politic and our society in general.

    • I'll ignore your comment to me "The use of profanity as a substitute for a poor vocabulary" other than to say obviously you don't know me.

      One of my mentors taught me "fight fire with fire".  "Lawsuits" are never going to win this.

    • Ken, the use of profanity won't get us anywhere.  It is fine to fight fire with fire but I can be as forceful as I need to be without resorting to profanity.  I don't know what you said that upset Rikmik but profanity is never the best retort.


  • Lawsuites work for the left. I hate to say it, but maybe we have to start using their tactics.  Taking the moral high ground certainly has not been working.  Let's give them a taste of their own medicine.  After all, it is said that all is fair in love and war.  Where I don't necessarily agree with that (especially where love is concerned); this is in fact a form of war.

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