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  • What a NOT surprise!!!

  • The voters from this 6 coward senators should start looking for better candidates to represent their state and the country time to let them know how you feel remember your First Amendment "Freedom of Speech'.

  • Most of these new quite young people- We DO NOT want for Congress, that is for damned certain..! Indoctrinated idiots from age 32 to 35 ..! We will have to choose people of at least 60 to 65 years old at the least but then some of them are screwy minded queers and screwed up dope heads from Veitnam or Draft Dodgers and Flower Power Dick Heads all the way up to age 75-77..! We don't have many sane people left. And Big Government is killing us as quickly as possible- WORLD WIDE..! I think that was one of the MAIN Reasons the CCP Cordinated a World Wide Pandemic is to Kill off us Older Unindoctrinated Sane People, to keep us from pushing TRUTH to this young Indoctrinated Generation..!

    • Do not lose hope. I suspect the school of hard knocks is affording these lost lambs a crash course.

      They know they are not nearly doing as well as their folks or grandfolks,

      and cannot miss governments fingerprints on the crime.

      So be ready to exemplify. IMHO

    • Gee! Murkowski and Collins are old! Especially Collins!

    • Treason ages the soul. Kills it actually.

    • Is that why so many Democrats look older and older each time you see them.  I thought it was just their innate malevolence being reflected on their faces.


    • Sure. The worn physical ugliness signifies the spiritual ugliness with them.

    • Loren, you bring up a very important point. Young people are indoctrinated, mostly by education institutions run by the radical left. Trump should have established re-education camps for these brainwashed youngesters (and a few older people, too) and we would not face the same problems we face now.

  • Sure Trump has them on his l"get rid of" list

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