My daily Bible reading finds me in the book of Jeremiah today and the words of this book bring ominous warnings to America.  In Jeremiah's day the Israelites had turned away from God and worshipped idols on a grand scale.  God tells Jeremiah of the punishment He is going to inflict on the people for their transgressions, defeat by enemies and being carried off into captivity by brutal Gentile enemies.

    I find this very comparable to our nation in 2021 as God is not welcome in government, in the public forum, and in many churches in America today.  This nation was founded by men of high biblical standards including morality, honesty, and prayer..  The Methodist and catholic hierarchies have made the acceptance of homosexuality part of their denominational principles despite what God's Word says about it many times.  The catholic church has covered up priests molesting young boys for decades and in the last few years has decided to publicly declare homosexuality an "alternate lifestyle" more than welcomed in the church.

The Methodist church has appointed openly homosexual ministers as bishops and also declared their acceptance of homosexuality as "normal" behavior.  I don't hate homosexuals as liberals like to say conservatives do, rather I pray for their deliverance from it, but I do stand on God's Word about the matter. I .don't believe in being hateful towards homosexuals but neither do I accept sexual perversion as "normal" behavior.

Political correctness and secular humanism, the pagan "religion" of liberals, say that everyone has the right to decide what is right or wrong based on the person's "feelings".  Liberals like to live by the idea that there are no moral absolutes and that the Holy Bible is no more relevant today than is the Constitution of the united states of America.

I disagree with the contentions that either are "outdated" and "irrelevant".  God's Word is the eternal truth written by the Creator of all things and the Constitution was based upon many precepts found in the Bible.  I guess if one refuses to accept the Bible as absolute truth they cannot accept the Constitution as such but I accept both the Bible and the Constitution as relevant and key to living life.

God's judgment WILL come down harshly on America as it has come down on Israel many times throughout the centuries.  I daily pray that people will wake up and repent before it is too late for them personally and for the nation collectively.  People who call themselves Christians but reject the teachings of God are only kidding themselves and will find that God isn't intimidated by the arrogant name-calling at people who obey His Word. 

I firmly believe the rapture of the church is rapidly approaching and that the trumpet listed in the book of Revelation will sound very soon, signaling the end of the Church Age and the beginning of the 7 years of Tribulation, After which Almighty God will pour out His 21 judgments on the earth that will destroy everyone and everything existing on earth.  I won't be here for the Tribulation because I am a "born again follower of Jesus Christ" and will be taken out of the world in the rapture of the church.  I may, however, be here to see the destruction of the nation I love and call home but hope I am gone when that day comes.

Since the devildemocommiecrats managed to cheat and fraud their way into control of the federal government satan has the people he needs in place to demolish this representative republic and replace it with the one world government global dictatorship he seeks.  The illegitimate usurper sitting in the oval office is ruling by dictate, signing executive orders that rule by fiat because he can't get legislation passed in congress to do his dirty work and what will get passed won't get done fast enough to suit him. 

I understand lost people in government doing the things they are doing because they are merely doing what their "god", satan, tells them to do but don't understand people who claim to be Christians bowing to evil and tyranny.  Some people want to be accepted and approved of by man rather than obey God and take the heat from evil mankind.  Those who abandon God to garner the acceptance of man will find themselves in a very bad situation one day.  I see the destruction of America as eminent due to the evil people running things and the willingness of many citizens to welcome tyranny and chaos into their lives and into our nation because that is the easy path at the moment.

People have tried to convince me that liberalism is Christ-like by saying that Jesus was a liberal in His day.  He was definitely not a mainstream Jew in that day but His teachings are not what liberals espouse today.  I espouse the teachings of Jesus and am ridiculed, criticized, and ostracized as an "unenlightened", "non-inclusive" "hater" by liberals because the Bible is the guide I follow in my life.

Abortion is another sin that plagues America.  Liberals mislabel abortion to excuse themselves from sin and too many Christians, seeking the acceptance and approval of men, bow to the evil that is abortion.  Abortion IS NOT "a woman's right to choose", it is the murder of an unborn child of God.  Abortion also IS NOT a "pro life" issue, it is pro death, the murder of an unborn child of God.  People who accept the false labels put on abortion are kidding themselves but not intimidating or fooling Almighty God.  The government of America, controlled by satan loving, power hungry despots demands that abortion be not only the predominant "health issue" of the nation but that We the People, through tax money confiscated against our wishes, should pay for abortions in America and in every other country that follows this satanic practice.

Another very serious sin in our land is the acceptance of the pagan cult of islam as an optional but equal path to Heaven as Jesus Christ.  Islam is a pagan cult created by satan through a psycho named mohammed in 652 A D.  This cult of rape, torture, and murder says that the only way a believer can "get to Heaven and be rewarded with 72 virgins" is to die while in the process of murdering people who don't believe just exactly as they do.  I find it ironic that moslems kill each other more often than they kill "infidels".  Sunni and shiite kill each other in tribal warfare much more often than they kill Christians and Jews.  It is the same as if Baptists and Presbyterians spent their time killing each other for nonsensical reasons.  Some people point to things like the Spanish Inquisition or the Crusades as being the same but they aren't the same.  Both events were a cult, the Roman Catholic Church, trying to force people to conform to their cult or face death.  Neither event was ordained nor approved of by God.  His Word tells us how to go about making converts and using the threat of death IS NOT listed as a method to use.

Jesus told us to make converts through loving them and showing them that we live as He lived and believe as He instructed us to live and believe.  Jesus taught to lead by example and to offer people a positive path in life to find true salvation.  I try my best to do this in the manner Jesus specified.  I am kind but firm in expressing my beliefs, not a "hater" as some claim because I run counter to what they demand I believe and espouse.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

March 9, 2021


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