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  • IGNORE HIM!!!!

  • Thank a Public Education Teacher... they are the ones behind the indoctrination that has turned our youth against their heritage and nation.  Stop awarding these miscreants of Marxist ideology with the keys to our Children's education and the future of America.

  • Throw that miserable bum OUT!!!

  • Hey people of CO, it is time for a recall.

  • B.S.!!!!


  • How is this even legal?

  • Who is this dictator?  He cannot make any decision like this without the approval of the entire City Council.  Time for this commie, pinko, fag to go.  They need to drag him out of his chair and send him packing.  At a minimum, an immediate recall vote is required.  Get rid of this Hitler, Stalin, Moa supporter.

  • WHO is this crazy mayor ???

  • let's all write letters to this community stating that we american tourists desire to go on vacation in places that value americans well therefore that community will be blessed by tourists revenue

  • The people know what to do, if only they have the guts to do it.   We are letting these kooks take control of our lives and are not fighting back.  


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