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    • John Roberts IS "compromised" and needs to be IMPEACHED, for being a turncoat and a fraud.  I suspect he has been "blackmailed" because he and his wife adopted two blond haired, blue eyed Irish children, claiming they were Hispanic.  US adoption of Irish children was outlawed many years ago and the Roberts' children were brought to the US through Mexico (or so I've been told). That is how fraudbama was able to force Roberts to "approve" the illegal/unsconstitutional obamacare mess and has held that over his head ever since.  No, John Roberts should NOT resign, he should be forced to "suffer the indignity" of an impeachment - - let us be done with him as soon as the election mess is straightened out and President Trump is back in the oval office.  "Then is the time" to drag Roberts out and charge him and replace him immediately with someone who's honest and infallible.

    • He never had a spine , he needs to step down now . He is affraid of his own shadow and he should be for Judges are suppose to have a spine. None of them will do anything all affraid of the deep state 

    • and the three new ones had no spines, either. Shame on them. They should have had fear of WE the people or of God Almighty or both. But no. 

    • Mike, I imagine Jr. took a few headers from the teat. Concrete I reckon!

    • He didn't need brains, he had the CFR, the illuminati, the Rothschilds. He was just a cursed mouthpiece.

    • Yep.  Probably a nice guy to go out and have a beer with, but totally out of his element in the complexities and political shit-storm of being a president.

    • Thanks, Ken!  I, and millions more like me, would be thrilled if POTUS would exercise the Insurrection Act of 1809, or the EO of 2018, or martial law, or a combination of those three efforts.  74,000,000 to 100,000,000 say Let’s Role!”

    • Count me in as well!!

    • Why do we have george soros organizations funded by American Taxpayer money?

    • Welcome to Congress they are the ones controlling the purse, must pass it before you can read it bills.


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