Unfortunately, the file is so big that I couldn't upload it to this site. You can read it here: or here:

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    • YUP!

    • Sir. and for older folks that can make it, a place were they can find warmth will be of great value, I only wish I could be there but due to a very limited income (social securty) I can only be there in spirit. I pray that the weather will be kind to one and all.


  •  I say we destroy those machines and never allow them to be used in a cloud or tracable software again , they will keep it up until we go to war

  • It was suspected that the body of documentation would be full.

    I appreciate the effort to present documentation regarding the election fraud.

    8348564288?profile=RESIZE_584xThis picture is no doubt Sidney Powell thinking,

    "My God, am I going to have to read this thing completely through?"

    How much is filler, and how much is evidently relevant, requires going through it.

    Will Kamala have replaced Joe by that time?

    The President likely does not require me to be fully versed to act now, just transparent.

    Time is fleeting for the action to save the Republic.

    I surely wish The President would do so.

    GOD help America!


  • We must go to war and fight for our country. The left can burn and destroy our cities they can shoot and kill our police officers the media can try to stop the truth but they will find out we will not give our country to a socialist government and what ever happens it's their fault.I will continue wearing my Trump even knowing the mask do nothing to stop the virus. I'm a Vietname veteran who went to war fighting for my country today I go to war with the enemy here at home may God protect me and all who feel the same.

  • I have gone through the document and it does indeed show how China, George Soros, Iran and Russia are all tied in with Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, ES&S, and Staple Street Capital. One of the affadavits from a military person who was apparently Hugo Chavez's personal body guard and who left Venezuela, describes how CHavez and the later Maduro use the Sequoia and Smartmatic software and electronic voting machines to rig elections and switch votes so that Chavez and Maduro and their cronies were also elected or reelected.  It  is difficult following much of the information since the relationships between Dominion and other companies and foreign actors is very complex and supporting documentation is difficult to go through due to small print.

    • Why do the Supreme courts keep shutting them down??

    • Because they are gutless or corrupt or want to live. But it sounds like they will hear it BUT after Biden is in Office. So be it, if fraud is proven yank Bidens ass out and lock up the entire Democratic party for perpetrating this fraud on the American people

    • Good question!  I suspect that John Roberts is compromised and hates President Trump and is intimidating recent Trump appointments (Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh). Roberts is supposed to be a Republican Constitutional justice, but has not been acting that way since Obama took office.  I suspect Obama has leverage and is "black"mailing him. Roberts maybe involved in pedophilia and Obama, Brennan and Clapper were quite adept at blackmailing people. Roberts is also responsible for misusing the Citizens United case to put other justices in a position where they had no choice but support his effort to allow Corporations and others to set up PACs and Super PACs to support candidates of their choice. This was one of the worst decisions the Supreme Court has made in recent years and one of the main causes of so much election fraud and buying of elections.  John Roberts should be impeached, but unfortunately the Dems would never support this.

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