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  • I wish the Tea Party would relate to us how we can use the subway system to get us from the railroad station to the Capitol and then back to the railroad station.  That would be a huge help!  Any suggestions, anyone?????

    •   THERE YOU GO

    • guidance from the wanderu train site states COVID restrictions may apply to certain destinations and that delays or cancellations may occur... look for the LEFT to cancel any trains going into DC on the 4th - 6th... and if not look for problems getting home as the left retaliates. One needs to understand that the left plays for keeps, unlike Pres. Trump and the GOP don't pull punches. They are out to win by any means necessary.

    • Thanks, good friend!  I wish you were beside me.  74/75 yr.old man with legs unfirm and a tired small back and numb feet - but I will be there if I can get a train and subway. I wonder if I can take a lawn chair and blanket.  I quote a man whose fervor was like mine: "Give me liberty or give me death!"   Wassail!   Hear!  Hear!  Let's Roll!

    • I do not want a rental car.  I know about the trains.  I wonder about which subway to use to go to and from the Capitol.  I do not want a rental car.  There will be no place to park.  Does anyone know about which subway to take to travel from the railraod station to the Capitol Buiding and back to the railraod station?

  • Col. Nelson Sir.  As an "old" Navy Vet (68-71) and non-com, I would just like to say that I do look foward to Your comments, Your understanding of these matters are far beyound this old Kansas farm boy. Thank You Sir for Your servies to our Great Nation. I pray that the good Lord is on the side of President Trump.

    • Thanks for the kind words David... you and I have chewed some of the same ground ... I served two tours in Viet Nam 66-67, and 70-71  I had the occasion to be onboard a Coast Guard Cutter and a Navy Cargo Ship in the S. China Sea, and I can say their food was excellent and a cool sea breeze and ocean spray in the face was a joy rarely experienced by a ground-pounding grunt.  Let us pray that our service may not be a wasted effort... and that President Trump somehow manages to save his second term from being stolen by a Marxist covert insurgency.

    • Thank You Sir. for your service and all I can do is pray also, in all my 54 years the one thing I know is there is power in prayer. May God Bless you

  • Slightly off the subject, BUT......  We all knew Mitch McConman was a RINO before the 2016 election.  He proved it ad nauseum.  Then, when Trump became president, somewhat slowly, he slid over to become a "Trump Supporter."   Was it really to help POTUS?  He saw what Trump was accomplishing with reckless abandon.  He had to slide over or look more pathetic than he had in the past.  Then, he gained the novelty of being an actual Trump person.  Then, when the Witch Mitch saw Trump's supposed position loosening, he slid back to where he was most comfortable - RINO Leader.  Pathetic weasel.  When Trump comes out on top, McConnell needs to be put out of his leadership role, put out with the trash.  See you all at the rally in DC.  Let's Roll!

    • Mich is in with the CCP , his wife is rice from her china communist family. I think Trump will remove him , if he remains President

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