• Now Sidney has disgust enough for everyone.8627890289?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • What/who are the SCOTUS so fearful of???    Or is big $$$$$$$$ calling the shots?     It sucks!!


    All other Court cases were lost on LEGAL PROCESS not illegalities (that's fraud for you free thinkers). Fraud content was not addressed in any of them so knock off the smirking !!

  • Sydney is absolutly correct there are extreem problems in this country even our military has not protected us so all are in contempt of God not just the law and the constitution as this government was put together by God fearing men now there are NONE

     Our contry is lost!.

  • 8627762256?profile=RESIZE_930x  Joe Stalin, Kruschev and the rest of the old past Communist are smiling today.  America is not operating as a Republic we are being ruled not governed by the COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY and their minions.  Will Americans ever wake up-stand up for our Republic?   I dout it, most Americans have not a clue on how our government is spposed to work, they know little if anything about our Republic's three branches of government and their responsiblities.  The ignorance Americans display orginates at the school house. 

    At least two generations of dumbed down, socialist/communist indoctrinated Americans that is scoreboard right now in AMERICA!!!!

    • Nothing communicates like visual graphics (no Duh, huh?).

      See the results!

  • Today, I will write my letter to the U.S. Supreme Court.   I hope that each and every American who feels the Supreme Court failed the American people will join me.  If they had at least listened to the evidence or called for a forensic audit of the voting machines in question, I would have been satisfied with the outcome which ever way it went.  But not now!  One voice is only one voice--but hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands may have an impact.  But let us all remember, that God is in control.   God bless us all and God bless the United States of America!

  • We the people really need to have the swamp drained. Trump failed to do complete this herculean task in his first term. Let's hope he gets it done in his second term.

  • Sidney is absalutly correct! This is the end of our great republic! When we have a sham for a presadent  who can not speak with out his wife actuly answering the reporters questions, Who the F**K elected her? He is hideing and not speaking to the press? When is he going to do the state of the union address to congress? He wont as we  no longer have a leagle GOVERMENT! This was a COUP and the Demonrats will never let the evedance be heard by any court!

    • Correct!! We no longer have a country. WTF do peoplew think is happening? They're installing a Totalitarian State right under our noses. It's SOOOOO in your face obvious,which PROVES our own Government is powerless (most likely out of fear) against the installers.Get it yet? Saten is preparing us for his reighn.


  • I support you 100% and you are absolutely correct!  I think that the U.S. Supreme Court is a disgrace!  And those Justices that refused to hear the evidence are spineless cowards!  I think it is time for every American to write the Supreme Court and flood them with letters about their failure to uphold the U.S. Constitution which they swore to uphold.   If it is possible (I do not know the law), we should begin impeachment proceedings against all those Justices who refused to hear the evidence in the cases.  They themselves are not above the laws of this country

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