• Oh oh!...............She told the unabashed TRUTH!!!! Our Government has turned on us.

  • again....""that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of the ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it"



    • I am thinking we go for door number ONE. It is the easier choice in the long run.


  • it's a sad day in history for America.

  • "We The People" still have a shot at taking back the power that Washington Types are attempting to take away from US 

     Convention Of The States . A Convention Of The States has to power to  impose conditions on Congress such as Defined Term Limits .

     The Founders provided this as a way to prevent Congress from destroying the  Constitution / Bill Of Rights . 



    • OK !

  • So much for Rule of Law. Why bother to have courts if they even refuse to hear a case. Chief Jjustice Roberts is a real dissapointment. Might as well stack the court, it would make little difference.

  • I think it's time for impeachment;


  • She would definitely be on my legal dream team. Yes, we need a top down clean up from local, state, and federal. I don't see how they're still operating, it's criminal and they've protected themselves well. All feed each other, with the least amount of accountability as possible while revenue collection gets priority to our rights. Their strategy is still working with keeping people obedient by guilting people into no action by demonizing the people of Jan 6th. This is way more serious than people are treating it but I think people are starting to realize it.

    • Most states know they cannot exist without a common federal forum to tend to intrastate needs. The federal entity permits those states to get what they need to function. Some states like California or Texas do not need the federal partcipation to be independent (note how the Progressive adversaries seek to redefine those states as leftist redoubts). But the federal servant now acts as less obedient, and more contentious, even to the Constitution that regulates and restrains it.

      Secession is not an option if we want to avoid wars of petty states across the continent. Any protection from foreign incursion would be impossible.

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