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  • This disgusting, fat, black racist America hating criminal must be tried for high treason and be euthanized.

  • She was CAUGHT Red-Handed during the Midterms!!!!!

  • Time for serious arrests before the election to give the poll workers cause to think twice before engaging in any further fraud...  arrest them all ... busloads and the next election will be lawful.

  • The thing to do is arrest one/some of her 'underling' workers... put him/her/them in jail and point out how long they are going to be away from their families... then, perhaps, we will get a 'singer.'


  • remember when Oprah, Michelle Obama, and other 'rising stars' stumped and supported this female for the Govenorship of GA.  It was shameless and sickening how they set Abrams up as some body to be worshiped and venorated !!   Americans need to REMEMBER the past before they try to shape the future.  Frankly, I don't think that the KJV Bible casts a favorable light on the once shinning country the Lefty-Losey, Communists just destroyed... and the rest won't take long for Biden to topple down.  --Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. 

    • I just wrote a blog article about abrams being treated as a "god" by the devildemocommiecrats and their Pravda/Goebbels propagandists.  she is a disgusting pig that should be hanged for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!

  • This video is all they need to see ,  but at the end , they want to go count the ballots . I was like are you kidding me ?? unbeleivable                                                                              copy and paste 

  • Why is this woman free?  Where is the Georgia AG... or the FBI.... 

    • they are busy being good swamp rats, doing satan's bidding!!!!!

  • The GOP REALLYYYYYY!!!!!!! need to stay on top of every bit of this GA election to make sure it is not stolen just like the general election.

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