Sidney Powell: New Legal Fund to Election Lawsuits ...

Attorney Sidney Powell announced Friday that the Donald Trump campaign legal team will possibly begin making public evidence from affidavits supporting their claims of a "national conspiracy" of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election as soon as this weekend.

Speaking to BlazeTV host Glenn Beck on the radio, Powell told Beck documents backing up allegations she made against voting system companies Smartmatic and Dominion in a press conference Thursday will be published online soon.

"We will start putting documents online and sending them to people like you, as soon as we possibly can," Powell said. "I would hope that we could start that by this weekend."

She described the volume of evidence her team has received as a "tsunami," though so far Trump's lawyers have held back most of what they claim to have.

"We've unearthed a global, criminal conspiracy that is just mind-blowing. And we've only scratched a tip of the iceberg," Powell asserted.

On Thursday, Powell and the other members of President Donald Trump's legal team alleged that communist Venezuela and George Soros interfered in the U.S. election through weaknesses in Dominion Voting Systems software. Trump's lawyers claim to be in possession of an affidavit from "one very strong witness" who will testify that technological insecurities in Dominion's voting machines made it possible for votes cast for Trump to be switched to former vice president Joe Biden.

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  • Sydney would make an interesting Attorney General.

  • Trump says he won, everyone heard it... he's giving the process a chance to prove it can be trusted, instead judges are so stupid they're proving themselves to be swamp creatures.  All the proof Trump needs to clean it all with one swath is being created by the swamp itself, I hope I'm right.

    • Oleg, that's the right way to look at it. Trump says he won. That should be enough. We all know that Trump never lies, always gives us the facts straight up, and keeps his promises. Someone ought to tell the corrupt deep state courts to admit the mountains of evidence Trump and his legal team have. That would settle the cases in a flash. 

  • The mountain of evidence we all know exists is proof enough that the election was rigged. Thats beyond doubt. The real question is, "Will the courts accept them?" 

  • If the evidence is conclusive the SCOTUS needs to be petitioned under EMERGENCY SESSION to consider the evidence and declare the election rigged... and any electoral votes awarded to the offending campaign voided, for being obtained thru fraudulent means. Arrests of all the key figures must happen as quickly as possible within 24-72hrs and they need to be isolated, cut off from one another by placing them in GITMO... without outside communications.  We can not let them coordinate more lies.  

    Elements of the MSM that are implicated in this coup attempt need to be arrested and isolated... held in GITMO, with the political leadership, until trials can be conducted. No communication should be permitted outside of legal counsel and legal counsel warned not to leak or they too can be sequestered on GITMO.  Martial Law is necessary as key federal law enforcement agencies and judiciary are implicated in the corruption.

    • Col.  Sir. I've been to GITMO back when I was in the navy. IMHO let them go seimming OUTSIDE  the barrier reef, the sharks there are always hungery.


    • How I hope and pray it happens that way!  But not too likely!


    • Agreed Ron, After SCOTUS does this have Wray removed from his posision as FBI director for not doing his job and charged with being part of the deep state. The FBI are the ones that should be investigating, not the lawyers. Once all the evidence proves the fraud and Trump wins then there will be so much violence the cops will never be able to contain it so marial law will be the only answer for peace. Arrest anyone for violent behavior with a $ I million bond so Soros will go bankrupt bailing them out.

    • What is the matter with you!   we all know you cannot trust the FBI nor the CIA!

    • The FBI was not always like this. It's because Deep State operatives, communists, socialists, Obama, Clinton holdovers are at the top in leadership positions. Not all the FBI is bad, it's just because they are being controled by the upper echelon at the top.

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