For years, the Deep State has waged a disinformation war and smear campaign against software designer and defense contractor Dennis Montgomery because they fear him, Montgomery claims.

If Montgomery’s allegations that the Obama administration conducted illegal domestic surveillance check out, and recent statements from multiple military sources and surveillance experts suggest that they do, then certain individuals, beginning with former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, have good reason to fear Montgomery and clear motive to destroy his reputation in order to save themselves.

Montgomery designed the super surveillance system known as THE HAMMER (HAMR) for foreign surveillance operations conducted to defend the United States from foreign threats.


— By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | COMMUNITIES DIGITAL NEWS —

According to military sources, Montgomery’s foreign surveillance system not only worked, but it also saved American lives.

“Hammer doesn’t exist.” “Montgomery is a fraud.” “Montgomery lost his security clearance.” Those are a few of the phrases floating about, but documentary evidence and well-placed sources suggest that those claims are unfounded.

Military sources confirm that THE HAMMER (HAMR) was only intended for use during foreign surveillance operations. Multiple safeguards were put in place to ensure that the powerful technology of THE HAMMER (HAMR) was never misused for illegal domestic surveillance.

Foreign Surveillance missions using THE HAMMER (HAMR) required sign-offs by “multiple echelons” of the federal government, up to and including the FISA court, according to those sources.

The FISA court was established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.

THE HAMMER (HAMR) was a highly-secret program.

Despite the existence of multiple built-in safeguards against domestic surveillance, THE HAMMER (HAMR) remained vulnerable to abuse by nefarious officials within the intelligence community who had been entrusted with running the system.

That is exactly what appears to have happened, beginning in 2009, with the arrival of the Obama administration.

Senior Obama administration national security officials, some with communist proclivities, commandeered the United States government’s surveillance tools of war and turned them against the American people, secretly-recorded audio tapes released by a federal judge and Montgomery’s own statements indicate.

Those actions, perhaps never before seen in America, constitute the hallmarks of a totalitarian regime.

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  • Sydney Powell is a great lawyer and I am glad that she is representing Michael Flynn. This Hammer program is news to me!  Snowden revealed that the NSA was doing domestic spying,  and this - wow!- But do you think the American People will really find out about this- with our corrupt MSM, that will do everything it can to cover it up, or say "nothing to see here, move along...?

  • I am glad that this corruption is now coming out. It proves how corrupt and evil President Obama and his minions actually are. 


    • The Democrate voters will never know about it because the fake news will say it isn't newsworthy. The fake news decides what info the public should know. I rely on The EPOCH Times for my news, Fox can no longer be trusted.

    • isn't that the truth

  • Hurray, the democrap party is OVER!!!

    • ADMIN

      It should be soon. And, they can thank Obama for bringing them down.

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