• The case is only being reviewed to determine if it will be heard and under what conditions...  I believe it may be heard but not as a challenge to remove the President only as a case to set precedent for future SCOTUS and Federal Court jurisdiction and rules for judicial review.

    Any SCOTUS decision to void the elections is moot as Biden has been certified as the Electoral winner by Congress and sworn in as President... The legal way to remove a sitting president is IMPEACHMENT, RESIGNATION, the 25th Amendment, Recall by Amendment under Article 5 of the US Constitution, and possibly a Writ Quo Warranto... citing fraud as the means Biden obtained his office... very tricky legally, as the SCOTUS may see only the Constitutional path once a President is inaugurated and holding office

    • Yes thank you for that information, it will also hopefully change the voting process going forward.


  • In Jesus name we agree in prayer and claim God's victory over it!!!

    • Amen.

  • Sorry they are approving moving forward in their case?

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