• Of the 161 backed candidates by Trump only nine have lost in the primary races 2022.

  • I stopped caring what the Royal Family had to say in 1776


  • Harry is ignorant of our Constitutional rights for there is nothing in the constitution in reference to there being a right to abortion or any other act of murder.

    • Just about all pro choice, liberals and Democrats are just as ignotrant

  • The only difference is when the Republican gets caught he gets prosecuted the Democrats go free.

    • And especially, if they happen to be Trump supporters, or DeSantis supporters. 

  • Democrats are like cats they're always covering their s*** up.

    • Be nice to cats, at least they try to clean up!

    • More like monkeys in a barrell- - "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil".

    • Republicans are just as bad and this is the second time I've made this comment in response to your remarks.  The first time I commented seems to have disappeared.

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