• YES, do it now and watch the panic in both parties!!!!!!!!!!

  • That announcement will have heads exploding in both political parties because Trump in the office of president again would put a very serious cramp in their new world order global dictatorship plans!!!!!  It is likely he will be killed as soon as they can manage it after he announces because they won't want to take a chance of him overcoming their cheat plan this time!!!!!!!!!!

  • He will! He's the only pers9n on earth that can f8x this crap! Barring an assassination. 

  • Pres. Trump is ineigible to run for POTUS in 2024 because he has already run twice and won twice.  The stolen Nov. 2020 election WILL be overturned.  Some patriots think that we need to wait until a Red Wave comes out of this November's Midterms, including in state legislatures, and those reps can help get the state legislatures in the key swing states to recertify the stolen 2020 election.  But if the NWO crowd feel that they might well lose the Midterms, even with all of their criminal activity (why are we still allowing these obviously fraudulent electronic voting machines to be used, e.g.??), they won't let the elections happen, because they know that that will mean GItmo at best for them.  So, expect them to start revolutionary activity in the leadup to November.  It's all on the line for them.  And that spells the end of things as they have been in this country.  On the other side of the mayhem is a whole New World.  But we will have to learn some hard lessons leading up to it.  Including the key one: that we should never have lost such sight of the fact that we have, that we are 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  How could any group of people who largely believe - as they say - that there is 'a God' - that there is Plan in and Purpose to life beyond just in and of itself only - allow such an atheistic/nihilistic mentality to take such deep root in this country??  This nation has been terribly sold out by both sides of the current war going on in it.  It obviously has to die, in order to let a fuller vision of life on Earth prevail.  One that recognizes our true natures; and those of the rest of Humanity.  A hard lesson, ultimately to be learned.  But apparently a necessary one, for we facets,fractals, aspecs, oints of view, expresionsof our Creator Source.  Gods in the making.  Which the ateists amongst us are attempting to be, without having graduated from The Course.  More foot lhem.  Not to recognize that God will not be mocked.   

  • No not until we retake the house and Senate! Then then Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray 1&2 lock the up and throw away the key...

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      You are right! 

  • Once again, I am so relieved that it is obvious we the people support President Donald J. Trump no matter what. He has never done any wrong and won't ever do any wrong. All of his legal issues are a hoax and a witch hunt against a great man, who fights the deep state almost singlehandedly. He is the only honest politician out there, who can be trusted 100%, who keeps his promises, who works selflessly and tiredlessly for the good of America and American patriots when he doesn't even have to do that, since he is rich beyond imagination.

    As it turns out, this vicious FBI raid may have been the best thing that could have happened. It woke American patriots up that they need to rally totally and unconditinally behind President Trump. This is exactly what is happening. Gone are dissenters who tried to sow doubt about the greatness of Trump, who tried to do that even on this website. Trump will prevail as he always does, and he will make America great again as he did once before.

  • NO! He should wait until after the new congress is seated. Then let the games begin. His new candidates will show their loyalties. We will see what is necessary to take the country back and drain the SWAMP.

    • Your wet dream will never happen, the left will not allow it and the no-nuts Republicans will say nothing! 

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