Our Colonial Fathers used 'Committees of Safety' militia units organized and deputized by the local Sheriff to provide the needed manpower for local law enforcement, local civil unrest (Indian wars), and response to natural disasters, etc.  There is no reason the local militia groups could not be organized under the banner of 'Committees of Safety' or ' Standing Sheriff's Posses'.  The Local Sherif and State's legislatures could provide the essential resourcing, training, equipment, and legal authority to perform local law enforcement and security...  They could assist in patrolling local properties for trespass, vandalism, robbery, assaults, illicit drug and sex, trafficking ... All Criminal State VIolatons using a regulated, deputized, volunteer force.  This force could also be used for local disaster response and searches for missing persons and children.

Private individuals and groups can contact their local sheriff and suggest standing committees of safety or posse be formed...  donations for its organization, equipping, and administration could be solicited... similar to those collected for the volunteer fire department.  In fact, volunteer firefighters could become part of the posse or committees of safety.  Men like Pres. Trump could help create, fund, and organize such groups nationally.  We need a NATIONAL ORGANIZATION with experts capable of assisting local sheriffs with all the legal and organizational hurdles to make this program work nationally.  The goal should be for every local sheriff to have a large standing posse or committee of safety at his command to provide law and emergency services for their populations.

We must rely on local law enforcement and emergency relief more and more... as the state and federal government appear either unwilling or unable to provide the services needed to guarantee our republican form of government and are reluctant to administer the law and protect private property from foreign agents, local criminals, and avoidable civil unrest.  These committees of safety or sheriffs posses/militia can step in to fulfill governments' responsibility for such security and protection.

"The Sheriff's Posse is a rapid response force of citizens who could be called upon "in a minutes notice" to answer the call to aid in safeguarding lives and property and the Constitutional Rights of innocent law-abiding citizens in any County that has a Sheriff with the guts to establish such a posse.   Be the first to call your County Sheriff and ask them to initiate such a posse or committee of safety... let's take back America one county at a time... one sheriff, local prosecutor, and judge at a time.  This can work and it doesn't require the GOP or RNC to make it work.
Link to an example of a standing sheriff's Posse in an Oklahoma county follows:

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