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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee threw her support behind former Vice President Joe Biden after he said black people who don't vote for him aren't actually black.

During an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier, the Texas Democrat pushed back on the claim that Biden made a major gaffe when he told The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God on Friday morning that "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

"That was not what the vice president said in terms of those words, and if we had listened to the earlier conversation, we would know that the vice president wants to put his record forward. He knows that everyone has their own historical, moral standing on the color of their skin," Lee said. "He also believes in the history of our people, and I don't believe, in any way, that he undermined who we are and what we are."

Lee said it was a smart move for Biden to appear on the morning show despite his controversial comments.

"I am delighted that the vice president was on The Breakfast Club," Lee said. "It is a dynamic show with a very probative, questioning host. That was the right thing to do. Then, as well, I think the right thing to do was to own up that it might not have been as funny as we might have thought originally, meaning the vice president, because it was done in jest."

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  • I can  say one thing about these demogoons, all of their politicans are either brain dead, or just plain stupid. And decades ago I was a democrat at one time until I woke up after clinton was President.


    • That's when I woke up. I could not believe the American people would vote for someone who lied and laughed about lying. "I didn't inhale." Of course, he inhaled. Everyone inhales when they smoke pot. I thought, I wouldn't choose a friend who lied, a boyfriend who lied, a husband who lied. Why on God's earth would I choose a President who lied?

    • I am glad you woke up all of the Demogoons are all of the above you mentioned and more.

  • Now I know that black people are living in a delusional state of mind. All I can say is wow, wow, wow, because I am a black man for me to say that it's ashamed to see it right in front of my eyes.

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    I think Lee needs to buy her hats in a larger size....she's cutting off oxygen to her brain



    • ACTUALLY it's the braids in the hairpiece she wears.....SHE'S ACTUALLY BALD......


  • Just another mindless lefty......even when Biden insults her "brothers and sisters"......she's too stupid to comprehend the racist mind of Biden.  These progressive socialists are a curse, disgrace and a festering cancer on our nation.  Lee is just a black version of Pelosi.....and people like robots vote for this trash. After 8 years fo that miserable muslim the dems want to run his flunky, so the rest of the marxists, race baiters, anti 2nd amendment, anti flag, anti religion, anti white agenda hacks can CONTROL THIS MINDLESS IDIOT AND ROB THE TAXPAYING CITIZENS EVEN MORE. Anybody voting for Biden and the rest of these demons is an absolute moron. 

  • I bet she will deny the "I ain't stupid" comment too 



    • He would only be a puppet.......the rest of the filth on the left would be dictating to him what to do.  The old white libs like Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein etc are scared of the new radical leftists like Tlaib, Omar, Cortez and a few other vile tools of the globalist, marxist agenda of Soros, the UN, WHO, WTO, CAIR, AZTLAN, LARAZA etc.  Biden would be a HAND PUPPET TO THESE ANTI AMERICAN ORGANIZATIONS. 

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