Shad Sullivan: Sustainability is a Fraud

Shad Sullivan: Sustainability is a Fraud
Unless something changes soon in Washington, DC; many of you are going on an involuntary diet, to the point you may virtually starve to death. This is what you get for voting for a socialist. Venezuela 2.0.
Stalin did this same thing to millions of his own countrymen. Now we have an illegal POTUS who is the Commie-in-Chief doing the same thing!
Petition to Immediately Pass Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling for Beef, Pork and Dairy Products:
In response to the COVID-19 Crisis, the President and Congress should immediately pass Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling for beef, pork and dairy products to strengthen national food security and help stimulate economic growth.
In line with President Biden's 'Made in America' Executive Order, Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling grants Americans the right to choose between imported or USA produced beef, pork and dairy products. Only Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling, and not voluntary, requires all imported and domestic beef and pork to be labeled as to where they were born, raised and harvested; and where dairy products were originated, produced, sourced and processed.
In this time of crisis every American consumer should be able to make an informed purchasing decision as to where their food is from. Access to safe food is the right of every American. Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling allows U.S. food producers to compete fairly against undifferentiated substitute imports.
Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling strengthens the largest sector of U.S. agriculture, secures and creates jobs, strengthens the working class and supports rural American industry, production and manufacturing.
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