San Francisco Police Commission votes to put Black Lives Matter ...

San Francisco’s Police Commission ordered all district stations to prominently display “Black Lives Matter” signs Wednesday despite opposition from the rank-and-file officers union.

The commission voted 5-0 to approve a resolution from Commissioner Dion-Jay Brookter requiring the posters be put up at each station, over objections from the San Francisco Police Officers Association.

An SFPOA attorney sent a letter ahead of the meeting supporting the notion that Black lives matter but expressing “serious” concerns that the signs would inject politics and “wedge issues” into the “safe harbor” of police stations.

Commission Vice President Damali Taylor called the SFPOA’s argument “absolute horseshit.”

“To me it is really concerning,” Taylor said. “If you have such a visceral reaction to a poster that says ‘Black Lives Matter,’ I want you to search your heart.”

Commissioner Cindy Elias said the resolution was a “step in the right direction” but urged her colleagues to do more.

“More importantly, what we should be doing is making a commitment to each other as commissioners and to the public that we start creating policies that actually save Black lives and people of color,” Elias said.

In response, SFPOA President Tony Montoya issued a statement Thursday blasting the commissioners.

“The Police Commission should put away their soapboxes and stop their political grandstanding,” Montoya said.

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  • Stop defending BLM they are Socialists who want to destroy our country lets get rid of all this Socialist leaders and their followers. If they don't like our believe then go to a country you feel it is home.

  • Where the hell do these people come from?

  • It is time to start petitions to remove all Democrats (enemies of the U.S. Constitution) from all political offices!


    • John, demonrats need to be eliminated from the United States and the Democratic Party needs to be shut down.

  • BoweL Movements Matter has nothing to do with black people or people of color, it is just another marxist political pac stuffing the leftist's campaign coffers. To remind everyone, blm was started by 2 women from africa, more than likely descendents of african slave traders. They came to America looking for a free ride, paid for by the American taxpayers, When they realized they had to actually work, they dreamt up this blm scam, sitting back and letting the money flow in from idiot donators. Deport them now!

  • A great starting to saving black lives would be to bring the criminals to heel. Police don't tend to get involved with the law-abiding

  • The Bible is clear on that. Read Luke 15:3–7. All lives matter. 

    • that would be a great t-shirt.

  • good luck on emcumbents getting the police vote

  • Wake up America.    THE BLM is nothing more than a DEM created terrorist group.    Just like the Dems created KKK which terrorized black and white.   Little has changed ..Dems same old same old.   Destroy.   Terrorize.   Collecting billions$$$$$$$$$$.  Corrupt.  

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