Seth Rich Refuses to Stay Buried

Seth Rich Meme | TRUMP MEMES LIBRARY | Flickr

“I am reliably informed that the NSA or its partners intercepted at least some of the communications between Mr. Rich and Wikileaks,” wrote attorney Ty Clevenger in a startling letter last week to Richard Grennell, Interim Director of National Intelligence.

Clevenger represents Ed Butowsky, a high-profile author and financial adviser who dared to ask questions about the late Seth Rich and was sued for his troubles.

The known facts of Rich’s still unsolved murder were largely established within hours by the local media. “A 27-year-old man who worked for the Democratic National Committee was shot and killed as he walked home early Sunday in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Northwest Washington, D.C.,” NBC Washington reported.

The shooting occurred at 4:19 a.m. on Sunday, July 10, 2016. “There had been a struggle,” said Seth’s mother, Mary Rich. “His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything.” She added, “They took his life for literally no reason.”

In the real world, most killers have a reason. Those who fire two shots and take nothing from the victim always do. In the major newsrooms, journalists have been perversely keen on not knowing what this reason was. In the years since the shooting, they have offered little useful information beyond the account above.

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  • Seth Rich is just one example of the extent of what these so called democrats will go to to overthrow this nation and perform Obama’s fundamental transformation. Which we did not know what it was into when the promise was made but now understand it was (and still is) into a socialist state (communist).

    For years now every conservative has been saying the so called democrats are out to destroy President Donald J Trump. They are, of course absolutely correct however, what is the real goal? We have to know it is not just destroying Donald J Trump because that is not enough for the so called democrats. It is power they seek complete and total power over all of us. A communist dictatorship.  They are out to destroy the United States of America at least as we know it!

    We should all remember when Obama promised a fundamental transformation of our government. He also promised, in the very next breath, a federal police force just as well funded, trained and equipped as our military. No one, to the best of my knowledge, asked for any detail about either promise. They just cheered wildly and accepted the promise as something desirable. Because it was Obama who made the promise.

    I know of no one prior to 2008 who was advocating getting rid of our Constitutional Representative Republic and/or free enterprise economic system (by the way the most successful economic system ever devised in mankind’s history). I also know of no one, even in the media, who ever asked why a federal police force, such as he described, was going to be needed, during his administration, when it had not been needed for nearly 240 years at the time.

    Few, if any (as a matter of fact NONE), of the media news outlets including newspapers, even mentioned these two campaign promises and certainly none, even FOX news or business offered any explanation for such promises. However, these promises forewarned all Americans who actually listened to what was going on. They forewarned us that Barack Obama wanted to transform America into something no one understood (at least at that time), no one asked for and no one, or at least few, would peacefully accept. Furthermore, it became obvious force was gong to be used to install communism so the police force would be necessary. Much like the Brown Shirts of 1930's Germany. He was promising a transformation into a communist (socialist) state. But first the guns must go for obvious reasons. It would not have been so obvious it was a communist state if he had not promised the federal police force as he did. Why did we suddenly not care if we lose our Constitutional Representative Republic and free enterprise economic system? Or is it possible no one even heard what he said. But a bigger question is why did not even one of the media news outlets expound on those promises?

    In the final analysis now, in hindsight, we should be able to see quite clearly exactly what that transformation was into. A majority of these so called democrats now promote socialism openly. Just look at the followers Bernie Sanders and AOC (both communists by the way) currently have. They call themselves socialist democrats (not a new title by the way it was also used in the early 1900's). However, it is not just socialism they are supporting it is actually communism. However, even the word communism is still not acceptable in the United States of America even now. In any case they know they cannot succeed in installing a communist form of government as long as America is successful (and Americans remain armed) as it was before the corona (China) virus struck. Consequently they must do everything in their power now to destroy the economy which they are in the process of doing at this very minute. Nancy Pelosi’s proposal for another three TRILLION borrowed money spent under the (false) guise of assisting corona virus victims. Remember their intent is to never let a crises go to waste. Use it to get things done that politically could otherwise not get done. They are to some degree at this time succeeding in that approach. However we do have a chance to stop this coup d’etat (that continues even today by the deep state which still exists). The swamp has not yet been completely drained but we are getting closer every day. In President Trump’s second term we may actually get it done. Looks like justice is on its way finally.

    History is currently trying to repeat itself. If the so called democrats have their way it will repeat itself. Anyone who does not understand that should just study the history of the twentieth century in both Europe and Asia. Once done it will become obvious! Under socialism hundred of millions of law abiding good citizens were murdered in cold blood by their own government(s). My advice take good care of your guns! Get lots of ammo.

  • As DC is still trying to understand the last major explostion destroying the wall build around the forgotten Obama and its secreats there is a long list of things that will now see the light of day (I hope) Seth Rich, Roger Stone , DNC and Crowdstrike is one.  Fast and Furious is another , Iran Gate, Urainium One and a long list of others. It is said they will never investigate a previous president maybe they would have too.  Maybe he just go away to an island somewhere far far away.

     But before the mystery around Seth Rich is explored the furture of Adam Shiff seems more important.  I hear he and his lawyers are arguing in DC court for presidence or what ever.  Should be be impeached first to stall going to jail or can he resign and not go to jail? Or will he decide to jump of a bridge or something else.  After Shift the next and last pin to fall will be Soros.  The are about the finish off the Rothchilds with the next group of explosive information.  Oh I forgot about my most favorite bad guy.  FAUCI That guy has more deaths on his hands then Obama and thats saying someting. 

  • he should start with the Obama administration

  • Helliary? agin.

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