Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, secretive scientist central to Iran's nuclear ambitions, said killed near capital

A senior Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in the vicinity of Tehran on Friday, Iran's PressTV reported, citing "unofficial sources."

The report identifies the deceased as Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a high-ranking officer with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) and professor of physics at the Imam Hussein University.

According to the available reports, the scientist was killed in an attack to the east of Tehran in what is described as a suicide attack, with a blast and gunshots heard in the area.

Fakhrizadeh is said to have been at the helm of the so-called Project Amad -- Iran's efforts to obtain nuclear weapons.

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  • Not sure what that will accomplish, Iran already has the capability to make nukes and this will only embolden them

    • The good news is that Trump canceled the terrible Iran deal. As a result, Iran carries on developing nuclear weapons as they always have and inspectors aren't allowed into the county anymore. This was one of Trump's best move that will kill off Iran and its nuclear capabilities eventually.

  • Only 2 possibilities.

  • Practally every nation in the middle east doesn't want Iran to have nukes, so it could have been anyone.

  • This must be the strike axios was referring to in news reports. I think mosaad had a part to this attack.

    • Mossad is good news for us.

This reply was deleted.