• I have suspected for a long time that the Dems and Rep have had an agreement that each would have a turn wilnning elections. They have both been in on this for a long time. TERM LIMITS FOR ALL OF THEM. 

  • I think Hawley should pay a personal visit to the Senate Leaders office, to see how many shoelace holes deep he can insert his shoe into the Doughboys Derriere.

    I would for planefare, and the price of a clean rag.

  • What Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican Senators need to understand is if they let the voter discrepancies and the confirmed voter fraud go unnoticed and unpunished and allow Biden to become President, then this, right now is the closest this country will ever come to having a fair election.  This right now sets the standards for future elections.  If they get away with it now then it is open season on all future elections.  As a matter of fact, Stacey Abrams has already confirmed that.  Or is nobody paying attention to her?

  • Those Senators that wish to be wilfully blind to the theft and fraud can be compromised in a single way:  at some point in their careers they have benefitted from election fraud.

    Stop the Steal

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  • HAHA. Hawley stands strong. Good job, Josh.

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