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"I think it is personal," the Texas senator said about Justice John Roberts' motivation to turn away from the conservative movement with his court decisions........

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz says Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts "despises Donald Trump," which accounts for a number of the decisions he had made from the top seat on the high court in recent years.

In an appearance on David Brody's recently launched show "The Water Cooler," Senator Cruz, an attorney and author of the new book "One Vote Away: How a Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History," told the host that "John Roberts has become the new Sandra Day O'Connor."

Cruz said he agrees with Vice President Mike Pence, who in an interview last month, told David Brody that Justice Roberts has been a "disappointment to conservatives."

However, Cruz believes that part of Roberts' pivot away from conservative-minded jurisprudence is motivated by personal hatred toward the president. "I think it is personal," said the senator.

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  • Roberts was a fake from the very beginning, a libtard globalist appointed by the globalist george w. bush.  He doesn't like America any more than the other libtards do.

  • I wonder if Mr. Roberts knows how many of us now despise him since he's become unable to tell right from wrong.

  • Roberts is a traitor

  • Roberts can't see President Trump winning important cases in the court he just hate the president for destroying Jeff Bush and they are still getting their childish tend random 

  • Past presidents relied on a legal group (whose name I can not drag out of my head)  For a number of attornies to be considered for federal judges. All judges came from this group and that is why Republican presidents did such a poor job of appointing judges who would follow the constitution. That group had no interest in adhering to the constitution. Trump compiled his own list leaving that group out in the cold.  Might this be why Roberts has an intense dislike of Trump?

    • Makes perfect sense to me. They all know their own and they are all fully corrupt. 

    • Trump is going to put on an expose' of corruption. WHY ELSE WOULD ROBERTS DISLIKE TRUMP.

  • With Justice Roberts.......all I know is that I am so sick of that silly grin he has, and would love to remove it....

    • Right on,  Right on  Steve!

  • There is a John Roberts listed as a passenger on the Lolita Express.

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