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  • Extend the ban for cities, states that even allow illegal aliens to live there.

  • A flaw in the verbiage disallowing any but non convicted felon Citizens to "Vote" in Elections ", did not specify to include beyond Federal. " Those Powers not specifically granted to the Federal Government are left to the State Governments" as long as they do not go against the "Intent" of the Constitution. As to date recently several Progressive Socialist Cities, Countries and States are attempting to interpret this "Void" to allow non Citizens and Convicted Felons the Right to Vote. It will take a "Challenge" brought before the United States Supreme Court to make the determination whether Our Founding Fathers meant to include Citizens Only in All Elections or only Federal.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • In the first place illegals are not allowed to vote show me where does the constitution give them the rights

  • You're on the right track Lopez! Those who will not live by the "Law" must never be allowed to take "Sanctuary and Hide within the Law."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I always knew we were on the same side.  It just took as awhile to figure it out.

  • This is just a scam by the deep state gop establishment to fool people into believing they are doing something to oppose their devildemocommiecrat co-conspirators!!!!!  It is all smoke and mirrors to hide their TREASONOUS actions and future plans!!!!!!!!!!

  • The solution to withhold funds from Sanctuary States is simple, keep the topics of "Funds Disbursement" under debate on the Chambers Floors, never allowing the topic to reach a "Vote." Our Nation has over 200 years of Historical Proof of Success Records this Process works both Federally and State. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I'm not much of a parliamenrtarian, but whatever works is OK by me.  Nowadays, I see politics as war without bullets and any and all opponents as enemies to be defeated.  I simply don't feel constricted by rules, protocols and tradition anymore.  When the constitution and alligance to free and fair elections flew by the boards, so did all concepts of legitmate authority.  The opposition has power and I'm on the side contesting it.  Winning isn't just the most important thing.  It is the only thing.  There's no substitution for victory and defeat, default and, or surrender are the only alternatives that are not options.

  • Trump tried to limit some funding to states which allowed sanctuary and the Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional although barely two years before the SC ruled Arizona couldn't enforce immigration status laws as that was the purview of the Federal government. 

    So I get the Tea Party Admin's point that this just political posturing, but even, if it weren't it isn't going anywhere.  Trump tried this at the beginning of his Administration and of course he abided by the SC ruling.  I should hope future President's feel free to ignore the SC as it is a proven weak, corrupt, failed, political institution whose ruling are inconsistent and not necessarily under law as prescribed by the constitution.  The SC does whatever it pleases and for God only knows what reasons.  It has lost all moral and legal authority to my point of view.  

  • When the GOP takes both the senate and the house in 2022 Mitch McConnell cannot be Senate Leader!

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