Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said on Sunday that lawmakers can’t “boil down” what a Supreme Court nominee would do in one case, such as Roe v. Wade, when determining whether to support a justice’s confirmation.

Lee responded to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos’s question about what the confirmation of President Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court would mean for the landmark abortion case. 

“You know, only time can tell what will happen to any one precedent,” he said. 

“In any event, you can't look at the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice and boil down that jurist's contribution to the law, past and future, to what they might do with a single case,” he added.

The Utah Republican added that “overruling a precedent” is “a lot more complicated than people might think.”

He also labeled Barrett as a judge with “an incredible background.” 

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  • Just defund planned parenthood, do not use our tax dollars for abortions, they take our tax dollars and give it to the left. No more money to planned parenthood. Let the murdering mothers pay for their own abortions. No more federal dollars. planned parenthood is a moeny laundering scam for the leftists.

  • It's time for the right people to be in power

  • There should be no question in anyone's mind: baby murder should never have been immorally, illicitly and illegally imposed on this country, especially by making stupid excuses with their mindless "precedents" to appease the feminazis. The politicians knew all that but are just too damn scared and spineless to get rid of it, and I'm sick to death of those butchers getting away with these abortion murders.

  • It never mattered to the dems who Trump nominated. Whomever it would be they would find any sliver of hate to denounce him or her. They are aftaid of those who will judge in accordance to the constitution, not some personal or radical opinion. Thank God for that.

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