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  • After some pretty popular years in Congress, this aristocratic hag will let her personal vitriol against Trump destroy what legacy she might have had for one that will guarantee her being on the bad side of history. Can't control her emotions and can't make decent decisions. 

    • Pelosi I'm talking about. 

  • Bull crap

  • Even now, Sen. McConnel refuses to use his power to remove the '60 vote cloture rule' in order to provide the needed paycheck relief to millions of Americans... individuals and families in desprate need of temporary financial assistance.

    Sen. McConnel thinks we are stupid... he has deliberately refused, time and again, to remove the Senate's 60 vote cloture rule... in order to keep from voting on issues, he doesn't want to go on the record as supporting or failing to support: Immigration reforms, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ( DACA), social welfare programs, free trade policy, Sen. McConnel is playing games... with the middle class and the poor ... holding the President and public hostage to his not so hidden agenda... as a RINO and Never Trumper...

    Yes, McConnel is a RINO and never Trumper... he is responsible for holding up the confirmation of the President's political appointees, and many of the President's economic reforms had to be dragged out of Sen. McConnel, seriously compromised. He is now refusing to use his power to force a vote on funding Pres. Trump's paycheck program... stating he can't get cloture... 60 votes to bring the issue to the Senate Floor for an up or down vote. However, he can... force the vote by changing the rules... with a simple majority vote the 60 vote cloture rule can be eliminated and replaced with a simple majority vote.

    • And he probably won't do that.This all reminds me of when we had the house,with bohner(sp) as speaker=useless.Then rino ryan,= useless.They promised that if we the people gave them back the house,they would do all that they promised.So we voted and won back the house,to no avail. Now I believe that we will keep Trump,and the majority in the senate,and most likely take back the house.If this happens,will they work with our president,or just make it useless like it already is with the dems running,(ruining) things. My faith is in my Lord,and the average everyday American citizen doing what's right.Our politicians,not so much...

  • in the early eighteen hundreds the Whig political party kicks out a whole bunchy bunch of miscreants, ne'er do wells, thugs, thieves and handitards. They go off and form the DemoNcRAT party. They go downhill since. Franklin Delano Roosevelt says there has to be a way to buy votes with tax dollars. There is. They create the welfare program. Lucifer Bastard Johnson gets in high gear with his Great Society. Now a full welfare ride is the same as a forty dollar an hour job for a forty hour week. One thousand six hundred dollars a week. So when the welfares tell the DemoNcRATs give us more free shit or we vote Republican. The DemoNcRATs cough up. Cough up they puke money at the welfare assholes.

    • Therein lies the dilemma... We either vote for the GOP candidate or a Democrat. That is not a choice, it is coercion... We are more or less forced to vote Republican ... the lesser of evils. The people have no choice, their choice is being dictated by GOP politics, and the party's nominee no matter how ineffective and compromised they may be.

    • isn't that the truth

    • Americans desperately need statesmen to get elected to political offices who are not seeking fame, fortune, and power. Do they exist anymore?

    • How about you running???  (You could walk there)


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